Our Services in Taiwan 🇹🇼


Planet Airlines Ltd was first conceived in 2016 as a web project to collect, document and showcase travel information related to, but not limited to the travel industry, where countries, cities, tourist attractions, aviation related articles, airline companies and other travel materials would be written, photographed and displayed online and shared to the world via our online platform website www.planetairlines.net.

The articles on the website form a comprehensive source of information. They have been researched, written, developed and put together over the years by the owner of this company, who has developed a passion for travel, aviation and photography since he was a young child.

Over the years, the information and data base of the website has grown significantly to include over 60 worldwide destinations. There are key points of interest with factual information, exclusive photography galleries, tips and recommendations written by hand to give advice and guidance to new travellers.

As well, the website serves as a source of information for research and marketing. There are hundreds of different companies listed and mentioned on the website which potentially can benefit both parties as a dual collaboration to promote and market each other.
This is the key in any company to grow it's scope, reach and customer base. Making collaborations and connecting with companies who wish to be promoted, sponsored and featured on the website can help us reach further away and better connected online and in person. 

🇹🇼 Taiwan particularly has been the focus in the last years. Since November 2023, Planet Airlines Ltd now operates an office in 🇹🇼 Taiwan where to grow its connections, customers and marketing partners. We want to open up new market possibilities and establish this website as a reference for Asian destinations. Choosing 🇹🇼 Taiwan as a base to open up the Representative Office is the best location to expand our business focus and connect with hundred of potential companies, customers and viewers. 

We welcome you to our new home! Taiwan, Taipei 🇹🇼 Let's bring the world closer together! 

With an array of different platfroms to host your desired website, we can create, manage and host your wesbite for you! From small unique media galleries to more advanced membership websites! Get in tounch and discover how you can benefit from having your ows website to sell, advertise or inform potential customers about your brand and ideas!

We offer company and business marketing to clients and customers based in Taiwan for collaboration via our website.
This service bascially comprises adding a link, banner, image, page, text or box into the website where to promote their products or services.

We offer our profesional photographer for events, photoshoots, collages, media galleries and custom requests for indivilduals, small and medium companies.

There are many options now a days to travel abroad and arrange an itinerary and select certain destinations. With our range of destinations travelled and in person experience we can give you the type of advice and help select the best destination for your travel needs and taylor your experience to be more unique and personal!
From city breaks to beach paradise destinations, adventure and cultural destinations or simply unexplored places that fill the curiosity of the more independent traveller! Ask us what you need and we will send your our quotation!