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The history  and name of  Planet Airlines  goes back many years to the childhood of the author and creator of this site. As a young boy I was always interested in aviation and travelling. Being very creative and with lots of imagination, I designed and built a Lego toy plane with the name of "Planet Airlines". It would "travel around the world" to many destinations and fly citizens from a Lego town named "Sammer". It was my dream that one day I would travel to those destinations for real. 

Going to the airports and looking at those destination panels brought a lot of curiosity to me. The airports are always a place of excitement, either for travelling or meeting with family and friends. They are the last first and last image you have when travelling abroad. After luggage reclaim and arrivals there is so much waiting to be explored and seen. As a child, I would have liked to have been a pilot because of this. However, I decided to study Tourism Management and have a wider view of the tourism spectrum. 

When I completed my studies, in Madrid, Spain, in 2007, I moved  to London (UK). With a flexible job and enough time I started travelling the world one year later to my 5th world destination, Thailand, and first ever long haul flight. After this I began to travel extensively around the world from 2008 and now have visited over 50 countries, visiting the most important highlights and landmarks. The best part of travelling comes when you meet interesting people and make friends along the way, both other travellers and locals. This is the reason to return to those beloved destinations and travel more in-depth. 

The world out there was waiting to be explored and it made me realise how accessible travelling is when you have the right tools. Even travelling on a budget is possible when you are prepared and do some homework before a trip. Knowing how to take the local transport options instead of taxis, stay in non-chain hotels,taking an organised tour or do it yourself etc.. are all ways of saving money but also extending your holiday.

Then I asked myself: How do I travel to somewhere I have never been before but feel like a local?  In 2016, I began to put all my knowledge together to form this website, in order to answer that question and to help other travellers who are starting from scratch like I did, many years ago and give them the best tips like a local! 

This website was created with the idea to help, inform and give advice to travellers about the many destinations which the author, myself, has travelled to and gathered all the information needed to complete a trip to the featured destinations on this guide. From a budget perspective, using local transport when possible and giving a good insight on how to get there, things to see and do, local curiosities and essential country information to give new travellers a good starting point when travelling abroad. 

The knowledge does not stop at destinations exclusively but I also know a lot about airlines and transport networks. The key to any destination is to know how to move around. This is the best information you will find on Planetairlines.net. All local transport is tried out first by me and then written on the website to advise travellers of the cheapest, safest naturally, and convenient way of arriving to a new destination without that worry of not knowing how to get out of the airport or moving around.

Airlines also play a key role when travelling. On this website we have made it easy for you to identify the airlines the author has flown on and there is dedicated area under "Airline Reviews" tab where you can find reviews from the author and other travellers. There are also picture galleries taken by the author and some useful information about the airline. 

What is different at Planet Airlines? Not only we help travellers with information about destinations and airline guides but we are always active in seeking new deals and expand our horizon of destinations. When you start travelling and love it, you can't ever get enough of it! That's why on this website we don't limit the destinations. They will continue to grow over time and new posts and pages will continue to come out. On our "travel deals" tab you will find the latest great offers for travelling anywhere in the world. Often they can be special promotions by the airlines, error-deals or promo codes for your trips. Keep an eye on this page as it's the main factor to start your holiday for a fraction of the price!


I hope you will find this website useful, easy to use, and it's content will help you improve your experience and prepare for your future trips! You are welcome to write to me directly, comment and give any feedback on the site, features or ideas to improve it, which will be greatly appreciated. 

Just one thing left to say... Happy Travelling!!


Planet Airlines Toy Plane : Airbus A330
Planet Airlines Toy Plane; Airbus A330
Planet Airlines Toy Plane; Airbus A330
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