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Quick Reference Guide to Travel Deals: 

To view the Travel Deals available, which are classified by the most recent deals published, you will find them under the "Travel Deals" tab.

Once you click on the title of the deal, it will open with the details for more information. It will display in bold titles the period of validity of the deal, with the airline or company you will be travelling with. Below you find a text explaining more details of the deal, together with any special conditions to bear in mind in order to book the deal. It may also include a link to our "Error Fare Page" in case the deal is subject to this. You will be able to book the deal directly by clicking on the travel examples, either the picture example or the text where it reads "book". (Once the deal has finished or expired you will notice that the prices have increased or the deal is no longer available when clicking the links). We will also update deals by stamping our logo with the expired titles on the main image of the deal.

Quick Reference Guide to Destination guides:

To view the destinations guides available, which are classified by continents and countries respectively, you will find them under the "Destinations" tab.

Within each country you will find basic information under the title "Essential Country Information". Additionally there is an interactive menu with the contents of each destination, including transportation,  climate facts, tips,  the typical food and drink and a personal author's comment about the visit to the country. 

Each city visited has a dedicated menu as well where you find additional information about the tourism facts, local transportation, what to see and do, accomodation tips, duration of stay recommendation and many photos taking by us amongst other useful tips and suggestions. 

Look out for the "TIP" and the "Attention!" bold markers which gives you useful information about things to do, things to see, culture facts and even things you need to be careful of, due to safety concerns or important facts regarding the place you are visiting!

Quick Reference Guide to Airline Reviews:

To view the Airline Review guides available, which are classified by airline and organised alphabetically, you will find them under the "Airline Reviews" tab. Below you will see the interactive menu which contains all the Airline Reviews with their logo and a picture. Just click on the logo or the picture to enter their respective information page. 

When you enter the airline page, you will have access to another interactive menu; "Quick Airline Information" which can take you directly to the relevant information. Content includes dates of founding, airline codes, direct website link, alliance (if any), operations (destination of the airline), fleet (current aircraft used), a unique photoshow of the airline taken by us and a review table where users can also leave their review of the airline flown.