Guide to Error Fares / Error Deals

✈️What is an Error Fare?

An error fare or error deal is simply a real bookable fare which is created by mistake. As incredible as it may sound, the airlines can sometimes publish fares in error which are often confused to be real or not, because of being so cheap, but they are very real in fact!! If booked they are normally honoured by the airlines and you should receive your E-Ticket confirmation just like any other flight within 48h of booking.

It's a pricing error which has occurred when the airline offers discounts or reduces prices of the ticket, combining the fare of the ticket plus the taxes. It's very often related to a glitch in the computer systems. Airlines are always trying to be competitive and beat the competition. So in an attempt to gain more travellers they offer discounts and sales. When they change the price of the ticket and publish it, sometimes it can happen that the taxes are not added, or that the complex algorithms and structures working simultaneously to create the price can sometimes cause conflicts or errors/mistakes, which makes the fare reduce by 100's of €/£/$.

The majority of these mistakes come down to human error. A simple typing error by missing a zero on a business class ticket can cause it to shave of hundreds if not thousands of pounds in seconds. Or maybe a discount code has applied to a sale and they use 50% instead of a 5%. As soon as the airlines load the pricing, it will directly show up on the Online Ticketing Agents (OTA's) website within minutes, this is a known as an airline based error fare. This should not be confused with OTA based errors which have happened on a specific agent's site as these are pricing errors which are specific to one travel agent or group (if it's a travel agent error deal then it's more likely you might not get the fare and bookings might be cancelled). 

Below you will find examples of real bookable error deals in Economy Class, that have been published and honored in the past:

Example of Error Fare Paris to Vancouver
Example of Error Fare: London to New York
Example of Error Fare: Rome to Tokyo

There are also Error Fares which can appear even in Business and First Class! But they often last only for a couple of hours to be booked. If you are lucky to spot and are able to book them, they are also confirmed in the same way as any other economy ticket. You need to be quick and wait for your E-ticket confirmation, which normally takes under 48H of booking. 


Below are some Error Fares examples in Business Class or First Class cabins which have been published and honored:

Example of Business Error fare from Spain to New York.
Example of Business Error fare from USA to Australia.
Example of First Class Error deal from Vietnam to USA
✈️ Tips and things to consider if you spot an error-fare!

1-Do Not call the airline under any circumstances to book or confirm the price. This will create an alert and tickets might be cancelled

2-Be patient do not book anything else immediately (Hotels, Car Hire, Positioning Flights, Visas etc). Wait till you receive your E-ticket confirmation.

3-Do Not report to the airline about the fare or publish directly on the arline's social media. 

4-Monitor you ticket on check my trip

5-Book your flight with a credit card ideally (*see below)

6-Remember error fares are human error and not a right, they might be cancelled by the airline (you will always get a 100% refund if so).

7-Do NOT only rely on the samples supplied on the sites which advertise the Error fares, many other dates will work as well. 


✈️ Do Error fares actually work?

Yes, most of the time an error fare is honoured by the airline when it was the airline itself which created this error-fare. You can find that error deals are processed electronically as fast as any other regular ticket, which means the tickets are confirmed, when you receive the E-ticket number. (A 13 digit number which represents the acceptance by the airline of the payment). Even you can find error fares in Business and First class cabins! Though it's more rare for airlines to produce error fares in higher cabins, it's not unheard off and they are bookable in the same way. 

In our experience and publishing error fares on Planet Airlines, we only publish those which are most likely to be bookable and honoured by the airlines, since 2013, the author of this site and partners have enjoyed flights booked with error fares, 100%! Yes 100% of flights booked by Error Fare thread have been honoured, flown without any problems and completed successfully. 

What's more, the airlines even give you miles and points on these fares, when eligible! 

NOTE: The great advantage of booking an Error Fare is that you are protected 100% if you're booking is cancelled. As long as you book with legitimate travel sites, booking these fares is not a gamble, and you will not lose your money. If an error fare is not honoured you will be contacted by the booking agent and you are entitled to 100% refund including any card fees paid. 

✈️ Booking your Error deal flight

When booking follow the lead thread which is linked in our site and it will take you directly to the booking agent where you can purchase your flight. Remember that our page (, does not guarantee the price or such deals nor we hold any responsibility for bookings being made. We inform you exclusively of the deals. When clicking on the deal examples you will be directed to a comparison flight agent (Skyscanner or Momondo for example),or in same cases to a travel agent, and from them you will make your purchase directly. 

When booking it's best to book with a Credit Card, the reason for this is because it increases the probability of your ticket transaction going through quicker, and it also helps you when getting your money back if the error fare is not honoured. The legal protection provided by credit cards is significantly higher then that of debit cards so it is always best to book with them. If you have an Amex Card this will be the primary card of choice in our experience they tend to have the best customer service.

✈️ What happens if my ticket gets cancelled?

Errors are such that they can be cancelled. Though in our experience, the flights we have booked never had any problems. However, airlines can acknowledge the mistake and request to cancel to the travel agents which sold the ticket. They are usually cancelled within 72 hours. If your ticket is cancelled you are entitled to a full refund of all charges paid including any credit card fees. We suggest you do not make any other travel plans until your e-tickets are issued by the airline and you have the confirmation and at least 72 hours have past. 

✈️ Comments and questions

Please feel free to leave a message and we will help you to understand more facts and tips about the Error fares. Leave us your opinion, experience, questions or comments.