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✈Airline IATA* code: W6
✈Airline ICAO* code: WZZ 
✈Founded:  September 2003 
✈Website: www.wizzair.com
✈Alliance: None
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*IATA: (International Air Transport Association)
*ICAO: (International Civil Aviation Organization)

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✈Airline Beginnings

Wizzair was established in September 2003. The lead investor is Indigo Partners, an American private equity firm specialising in transportation investments. The first flight was made from Katowice International Airport in Poland to Luton Airport in the UK on the 19th May 2004 with an Airbus A320. The airline's CEO, József Váradi, took up the role, after the collapse of Malév Hungarian Airlines. This is why Wizzair chose to registered in Pest County (Hungary).

In 2004, Wizzair Started operations with the Airbus A320 from Katowice to London Luton. (Photo:mba.aero)
✈Expansion and Development

In January 2008, flights started from Gdansk to Gothenburg, Bournemouth and Coventry. On 2 October 2008, Wizz Air announced that a number of its Romanian services would have increased frequency following an order for three Airbus A320 aircraft. In February 2012, it would start flights from Debrecen International Airport to London, beginning 18 June 2012. On 11 September 2012, Wizz Air announced new routes to and from Tel Aviv, Israel.

In February 2016 Wizz Air announced a new base at David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport (serving Kutaisi in Georgia). In October 2016 Wizz Air announced a new base at Chișinău International Airport (serving Chișinău) in Moldova. In December 2016 Wizz Air announced a new base in Varna, Bulgaria.

✈Recent History and Growth

In November 2015, it began operating its first Airbus A321, with a further expansion of this model in their fleet as well. In November 2017 Wizz announced that they will launch a British division called Wizz Air UK. The airline bases at London Luton, taking advantage of a number of take-off and landing slots acquired from Monarch Airlines when the latter entered administration in 2017. In January 2018 Wizz Air announced a new base at Vienna International Airport in Austria. Three Airbus 320/321 are planned to be based in Vienna and the company will operate a total of 17 new routes from the Austrian capital. As of 2018, the airline has its largest hub at Budapest Airport with over 60 destinations worldwide. In November 2018, it was reported that Wizz Air had announced plans to reactivate its Wizz Air Ukraine subsidiary, approximately three years after it was shut down. 

In March 2019, Wizz Air was another carrier to receive the advanced Airbus A321 Neo version which was deployed at its Budapest hub and then later extended to other bases around Europe. With it, it hopes to open up new routes also outside of Europe and swap sectors with the A320 which require a higher demand.

History source: Wikipedia.org / Wizzair

Since 2015, the Airbus A321 joined the fleet and operated high demand routes. (Photo:airliners.net)
In March 2019, Wizz Air received the first of the new Airbus A321Neo to deploy around its European routes. (Photo: Planephotos.net)

Operations and Destinations 🌍:

Wizzair has its main base in Budapest, but has since has expanded dramatically over eastern and central Europe becoming the airline of choice to fly from West to East Europe. It has several companies spread all over Europe, being the most important in London Luton (UK), Sofia (Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania) and in Kiev (Ukraine) which will be re-launched after being closed for several years after political issues. 

The airline has a strong presence now in continental Europe, where it operates over to over 150 European metropolitan and leisure destinations with based airports in Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Chisinau, Cluj-Napoca,  Craiova, Debrecen, Gdańsk, Iași, Katowice, Kiev, Kutaisi, London Luton, Poznań, Riga, Sibiu, Skopje, Sofia, Timișoara, Tuzla, Varna, Vilnius, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

The Wizzair group, currently fly to the following destinations*:

Region 🗺️ Destinations 🌍🌎🌏
✈Europe (continent)Aberdeen, Alesund, Alghero, Alicante, Athens, Barcelona, Bari, Basel, Beauvais, Belfast, Belgrade, Bergamo, Bergen, Berlin, Billund, Birmingham, Bologna, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Bristol, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Burgas, Castellon, Catania, Charleroi, Chişinău, Cluj-Napoca, Cologne/Bonn, Constanta, Copenhagen, Corfu, Craiova, Debrecen, Doncaster/Sheffield, Dortmund, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Faro, Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen, Fuerteventura, Gdańsk, Geneva, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Grenoble, Hahn, Hamburg, Hanover, Haugesund, Heraklion, Iași, Ibiza, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Katowice, Kaunas, Kharkiv, Kiev, Košice, Kristiansand, Kutaisi, Lamezia Terme, Larnaca, Lisbon, Liverpool, Ljubljana, London (LTN-LGW-SEN), Lublin, Luqa, Lviv, Lyon, Madrid, Málaga, Malmö, Memmingen, Milan, Naples, Nice, Niš, Nuremberg, Odessa, Ohrid, Olsztyn, Oslo (OSL, TRF)Osijek, Palanga, Palma de Mallorca, Pisa, Podgorica, Poprad, Porto, Poznań, Prague, Pristina, Reykjavík, Rhodes, Riga, Rome, Rome, Sandefjord, Santander, Sarajevo, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Skopje, Sofia, Split, Stavanger, Stockholm, Suceava, Szczecin, Tallinn, Târgu Mureş, Tenerife, Thessaloniki, Timişoara, Tirana, Treviso, Tromsø, Trondheim, Turin, Turku, Tuzla, Valencia, Varna, Växjö, Verona, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Zakynthos, Zaporizhzhya, Zaragoza
 ✈Russia and Asia
Baku, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan
 ✈The Middle East
Dubai, Eilat, Tel Aviv

*Destination list is for reference only. Please check directly with the airline for updates. 

*Note some destinations are only seasonal.*Correct info as of January 2020.                                 

Fleet ✈️:

Wizzair now operates a big fleet, consisting of over 100 Airbus jets, based all over Europe. It has also the new Airbus A321 Neo on order for its future growth plans. 

The Wizz Air fleet* consist of the following aircraft:

Network 🌐 Aircraft ✈️
✈All flights Airbus A320, A321, A321 Neo
*Correct fleet info as of January 2020.      

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Reviews ⭐:

 Cheap fares as long as you buy early. Further discounts are available if you become a member of the wizz club.👎 Food and drink for purchase only.
 Aircraft and cabin comfort are good compared to other low cost airlines. Most aircraft are recent or less than 10 years old.👎 Heavy penalties for excess baggage and rebooking.
 Great network for selected flights to Eastern and Central Europe👎 No free seat selection. 
 Availability to include Hotel + flight packages at very good prices. (Wizztours.com)👎 Charges for boarding passes issued at the airport. Free for home printing or mobile.
Good customer service before the flight and post departure. (Bookings)👎Charges for Cabin baggage, (large cabin bag), only permitting a briefcase or small bag for free as hand luggage.