Sunshine Coast Tourism Information

McKenzie Lake is one of the most visited sights in the region, with its clear crystal waters and white soft sands!
ℹ️ Introduction 

Australia has everything you want for a perfect holiday, it's truly the case when visiting in Sunshine Coast, the area is well renowned for it's beach resorts, surf spots and rural hinterland in the southern State of Queensland. It stretches from the coastal city of Caloundra, near Brisbane, north to the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, home to multicoloured sand dunes, mangrove forests, and shallow lakes. It's also the best area to stay when visiting the famous beautiful Fraser Island.

⛅️ Climate and Temperature  🌡️

The Sunshine Coast, is a region consisting of consistently warm and sunny weather. Lined with unbroken beaches, the climate is conducive to all things related to "beach life" - from the warm, clear waters to the cool ocean breezes that offset any excess humidity that may build up in the warmer seasons, the Sunshine Coast may have one of the most ideal warm climates. 

The temperature fluctuations between the Summer and Winter months are relatively smooth with temperatures being generally comfortable all year round. Maximum temperatures throughout the year reach an average of approximately 22-27°C  with a yearly minimum average of 15-17°C.

Rainfall on the Sunshine Coast is low, with more chances of rain during the Winter months, from June to September and also with concentrated bursts happening over the brief rainy season in the more humid Summer months (mostly in January). The Sunshine coast enjoys only two major seasons, like most other tropical areas, from "wet/hot/humid" from December to "cool/dry" from June to October. Clear skies persist throughout the majority of the year.

❗Attention: It can get very hot, specially from December to March! Taking high sun protection is advised as well as sunglasses and hats to protect sensitive skins. 

🚇 Transport 

When arriving to Sunshine coast airport, the terminal is very small and there are only basic services. Note that there is no public transport services to take you into the town or the resorts. To go to Maroochydore,the town centre, and the Sunshine Coast's major bus interchange for TransLink services, (operated by Sunbus), you will need to organise a pick up from the airport to either the centre or you accommodation. The best company to organise this is with Sun Air or alternatively go by taxi. 

Sun Air transfer services, provides good arrival meeting at the airport to take you to your accommodation.
🏝️ What to see and do ?

The reasons to come to Sunshine might be to relax, enjoy great weather year round, practice water-sports and see the beautiful nature and landscapes which surrounds the area, however the only thing more refreshing than the water is the lifestyle, it's all about having fun and smiling. With its endless beaches, lush rainforests it’s a place where you will feel like a local from the moment you arrive.

The activities you can do are vast, if you want to be active and visit the area here are few ideas to keep you busy: 

  • Water sports: Hire a boat, kayak or stand-up paddle board and cruise the calm waters of Pumicestone Passage or one of the many lakes and inlets.Swim, ride and run your way through a triathlon, marathon or fun run with the best views on the coast. Take surf lessons and enjoy the pacific waves.  
  • Maroochydore, it's a major commercial area of the Sunshine Coast with most the shopping are located in the central business district. It is home to the Sunshine Plaza shopping centre. Maroochydore is also a venue of major surf sport carnivals, cosy cafes and boutiques waiting to be discovered. Be entertained by local artists and stock up on arts and crafts at Eumundi Markets. 
  • Fraser Island, the highlight to any trip to Sunshine coast is to visit this paradise island which is even listed in the World Heritage sites for it's beautiful combination of sand dunes and deep rainforest. To arrange a trip to the island it's best to organise a tour which can include several activities as getting to the island requires 4x4 vehicles and specially conditioned for the rough track. See the next tab for more info on Fraser Island. 
No other place in Australia can you find such diversity in scenery like Fraser Island.
Jungle, deserts and sandy beaches are all is what can be seen at Fraser Island!
McKenzie Lake the perfect place where to enjoy a good picnic and relax in front of beautiful clear waters!
🌅 Fraser Island

It's the World’s Largest Sand Island, and it's listed as World Heritage. Fraser Island, stretches over 123 kilometres in length and 22 kilometres at its widest point. The island’s highest dune is 244 metres, but most rise to between 100 and 200 metres above sea level. Drilling shows the sand extends to 100 metres below sea level in places. Most of the sand is made up of grains of quartz (silica).


Sand is the key to how the Island was formed but it is the abundance of fresh water in its many lakes and crystal clear creeks and streams that has made it so special. Pristine clear mirror lakes and the peat coloured perched lakes, are some of the largest in the world. Each of the lakes has its own particular character.Mysterious, moody and beautiful, they are excellent subjects for photography, great places to see birds, other fauna and flora and a welcome oasis for hot summer days.Scenic

Water has meant the creation of exceptional rainforests thriving in the nutrients from the breakdown of other plants which has enriched the sand of the forest floor.
Towering satinay and brushbox trees are among the forest giants, some over a thousand years old, and so large they form distinct bands visible from scenic flights over the island. Fraser Island is home to more than 230 species of birds. There are 25 species of mammal present on the island. Isolation has ensured that Fraser's dingoes are the purest breed in eastern Australia and consequently no domestic dogs are permitted on the island. Other native mammals include wallabies, possums, flying foxes and echidnas.

To get there, most people will take tours. 4WD circuits and walking tracks in the southern half of the island take in some of the largest of the lakes including McKenzie, Birrabeen, Benaroon and Boomanjin. Due to the high protection, only certain amount and types of vehicles are allowed to enter. 


When travelling into the Island there are a few precautions to adhere to, the guides and tours will remind you when entering the natural island. The island wants be kept as pristine as possible so its not allowed to walk around alone into the rainforest, feed any wild species, smoke, litter on the island, make fires etc. There are precise areas reserved for tour groups, lake swimming, BBQ's, camping and accommodation which can be booked only via tours and agencies. Prices vary substantially depending on the tour types. You can book tours at arrival at the airport or via online agencies.

Below you will see some of the sights when taking a tour (like the author did) to Fraser Island, including shots of the wild jungle, costline, pristine beaches and natural lakes.

Fraser Island Photo Gallery 📷 ▼

🛌 Accommodation

The Sunshine coast is a popular resort for Australians and foreigners alike during most of the year, thanks to the warm weather and splendid sun shinning on it's beautiful coasts. The area is at a premium if staying close to the resorts and the beaches. The town of Maroochydore is cheaper with rooms starting from €60 per night.
However if you are going with family/friends it's best to rent an apartment and split the cost.

⏳ How long to stay?

It's a fun place to stay to relax, enjoy the beaches and unwind in the tranquil atmosphere of the area so it's all about your daily budget and how much you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.
To see the natural wonders of the area and take advantage of your stay, specially including Fraser Island, then a recommended 2 to 4 nights would be enough. 

  Sunshine Coast region Photo Slide 📷