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Those seeking golden sand beaches, lots of sun and pretty towns and ports won't be disappointed!

With mild weather, high peaks to climb, sandy beaches to relax on, pristine waters and a most interesting historic centre to visit, Tenerife has plenty to make your trip a dream. Having a thousand activities and tours to go on, this place is perfect for a family holiday, but it also serves as the perfect scenario for a romantic getaway.

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Tenerife in a nutshell:

Tenerife is the biggest and most populated of the Canary Islands. Also called the grande dame of the archipelago, Tenerife receives over six million tourists a year making it one of the most popular destinations in the world. Why is that? Because it is not only strikingly beautiful, it has an immense diversity of landscapes and possibilities 

Depending on the trip you choose to make, the island has mountain villages, port settlements, golden-sand beaches, towns with great architectural design, volcanic peaks to climb, tropical-forests to hike around and colourful carnivals to celebrate. Aren’t these enough reasons to pay a visit? Let’s get into each one of them in detail.

Reason 1: The beaches

At the south of the island, you’ll find one of the most touristic hubs of the area, the beaches. Surrounded by the Atlantic Oceans, the beaches scattered along the south coastline in Tenerife are generally quite lively, although you’ll find some quieter than others.

Among the calm-water beaches, you can visit Las Américas Beach. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice family trip at the same time you can practise water sports and enjoy a nice meal by the bars and restaurants around it.

Las Teresitas is another major tourist hub among both locals and visitors. Full of services and facilities, this is a great option if you don’t mind a crowd around you.

If you’re after a more awe-inspiring sight, you have to go to Los Guios. A beach surrounded by over 600-metres tall cliffs. Definitely, a good place to enjoy and relax in peace and quiet.

The beaches to the southwest of the island are also quite a treat as you’ll be able to see some impressive sea animals swimming near the coastline. Among the many, you’ll be able to see dolphins, blue whales and orcas. If you’re into it, you can go on a sailing tour to get a close look of them.

Reason 2: The Teide National Park

Declared a Natural World Heritage Site, this park is probably one of the things Tenerife is most proud of. The Teide is a volcanic structure that is the highest peak in the island and Spain, not to mention it holds the record of most visited park in the whole continent.

The natural landscape is quite spectacular, almost a miracle and the sight is astounding. You can access the top both by climbing or with a cable car. If you’re feeling sporty, don’t miss the opportunity of climbing up and getting a closer look at the lava cones, the rock, the animals and the general scene. As you climb up, you’ll get a striking panoramic view that will be imprinted in your memory forever.

Near the area, you can also visit the Corona Forestal Nature Park, another gem in Tenerife. Lastly, you can also go to Macizo de Anaga, a biosphere reserve, home to flora that is almost extinct in the world.

Reason 3: The cities and the historic spots

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital and biggest city in the island, but the little (and not so little) towns around the island are worth a visit to learn about the history of the place.

Let’s start at the capital, Santa Cruz is a great city to take a stroll around. There, you’ll find some colourful shopping streets and a wonderful market, Nuestra Señora de África where you can shop for local wine and cheese. But mind you, it only opens during morning time and you know the saying, the early bird gets the worm! In addition to this, you definitely have to visit the most popular squares: Plaza Príncipe de Asturias, for example. This square holds the remains of Castillo San Cristobal. If you’re into castlely constructions, you have to visit San Juan Bautista castle.

Another popular city is San Cristobal de la Laguna, a well-preserved city from the 15th century that keeps the essence of the time. Because it is mostly maintained as it was constructed, San Cristobal has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Finally, you can visit Garachio, a coastal town where you can still see the traces of a volcanic eruption. 

History, culture, art with breath-taking landscapes in the background, Tenerife is waiting for you!