Nha Trang Tourism Information

Nha Trang offers some great beaches and paradise locations!
ℹ️ Introduction 

Nha Trang, offers a six-kilometre stretch of beautiful coastline with white sandy beaches, clear waters with an abundance of marine life and thriving reefs, green mountain ranges at each end, as well as 19 untouched islets that are just a short boat ride away. The city has transformed in recent years to offer a big array of sightseeing and recreational activities.
The coastal town itself also offers some sightseeing  with breath-taking structures that date back to the Champa Kingdom, Buddhist temples, and gothic-style Catholic churches, as well as natural hot springs, salt fields, and unique waterfalls.

Catering to any budget level and preference, Nha Trang restaurants serve up fresh seafood and Vietnamese cuisine while lively bars and pubs along the pristine beach are favourite hangouts for tourists to watch the sun sets over the East Sea. 
To the surprise of many visitors Nha Trang is also a very popular resort for Russians, where many agencies, businesses and services are tailored exclusively for them. So expect to have translations in Russian even before English! 

⛅️ Climate and Temperature  🌡️

Temperatures are pleasant all year round in Nha Trang, being by the coast it benefits from cooler Summers and less humid Winters than down south. Average temperatures range from 27°C in january to 36°C in June. Note that it can rain more during August to December, with temperatures a little lighter when it's cloudy. 

The best time to visit is during the dry season from December to February

🚇 Transport 

Reaching Nha Trang from abroad is possible thanks to a well developed air routes, specially to Russia, where the Russian market accounts for over 50% of travellers in the area. To get to/from the airport it takes 50 minutes, along a good scenic coastal road. There are daily flights to major cities in Vietnam, as well as international and charter flights.
The major destinations from the airport apart from domestic frequent flights to SGN and HAN (Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi) or to China and South Korea.

Getting a taxi from the airport will cost around 300K VND. Consider taking taxis by Grab APP for cheaper fares. Another option to travel from the airport is by minibus, which costs 65,000 VND per person. It drops you off at the old Nha Trang airport (no longer in use) at the southern end of the tourist centre. From there you can take a taxi to your hotel.

However, many travellers come to Nha Trang, by bus or by train, which forms part of the experience! Nha Trang's train station is located on Thai Nguyen, Phuoc Tan district.
The easiest way to buy tickets is to visit the station in person a few days in advance or buy them through a hostel/hotel/travel agency, who add a small commission. You can also buy tickets through 
Vietnam Railways’ official website.The website is now in English, but your international credit card may or may not work. If it does go through, you pick your ticket up at the station or show the ticket on the phone when you board. Trains offer different levels of comfort, from sleeper, to recline soft seats or wooden hard seats. (Taking the train to Ho Chi Minh City takes around 8 hours for example).

If coming by bus, Nha Trang is well-served by higher-quality buses. It can be an interesting trip and can also save a night of sleeping in a hotel. Busses offer full flat seats which are narrow for European standards and are 170 cm in length which can be tight for tall foreigerens. But they offer charging USB points, a bottle of water and a snack included in the ticket, which can cost $15 from SGN and takes 8 hours for example.

Once in Nha Trang, Driving is less intense than Hanoi or in Ho Chi Minh City, and the pace is relatively slow, however don’t try to drive a bike if its your first time in Vietnam!
Renting motorbikes are around 100,000 VND per day, while automatic scooters cost 130,000 VND per day. 

One of the cheapest and surprisingly comfortable ways to get around Nha Trang is the air-conditioned white and blue city bus which costs only 7,000 VND per ride. There are six routes in total, but  number 4 will be most useful for visitors as it passes places of interest. The 4 (Nguyen Bac - Vinpearl) runs 13 kilometres north-south, from the beach north of Chong Rocks, through the tourist centre on Nguyen Thien Thuat before following down along the coast ending at the Vinpearl cable car station. Bus runs every 15 minutes. 

It's possible to take the train from Ho chi minh city, taking 8 hours.
🌴 What to see and do ?

The coastal city has been attracting both local and international tourists for years. While Nha Trang is best known for its scuba diving and long stretches of beach, the city also has a strong historical and cultural heritage that's worth discovering.For those wanting natural attractions, Nha Trang beaches offer a backdrop of towering rock cliffs and are stunningly beautiful—while the Po Nagar temple complex and the Long Son Pagoda and its dragon mosaics are a great stop if you want to combine a temple visit with a great view over the city.

Below you will find the highlights of what to see and do whilst in Nha Trang:

  • Po Nagar Temple: It was built some time around the 7th century and dedicated to the worship of a number of deities, especially Lady Po Nagar, the Goddess who created and nurtures the Earth. The temple, with its soft stone towers and columns, is a beautiful marriage of Cham (an ethnic minority in Vietnam) architecture and Hinduism influences.
    Of the eight original sandstone towers that were once part of the complex, only four still stand, just as magnificent as ever. The 28-meter-tall North Tower is not only the highest but also one of the most stunning—it has a terraced roof, a number of chiseled inscriptions around the doorway, and holds a 10-arm black statue of the goddess Uma inside.
    The complex—set on a hill on the banks of River Cai. Because the buildings here are still considered active religious shrines, you're expected to remove your shoes and dress respectfully (shoulders and legs covered) when visiting. The cost of the entrance is 25.000 VND. The cost of the entrance is 25.000 VND.
Most of the buildings have had restoration
The views from Po Nagar Temple are impressive!
Po Nagar Temple is one of the oldest and most popular to visit!
  • Nha Trang Beaches:  is the real reason why most visitors come to this city. It is home to several stunning soft white sand beaches offering everything from perfect sunbathing spots to plenty of recreational activities. The city's most popular beach is Tran Phu Beach, which attracts tons of tourists.
    If you want peace and quiet, Bai Dai Beach might be a better option, it's full of locals, which means the beach and its surroundings aren't as well developed. Hon Tre beach is one of the largest beaches in Nha Trang, and it's also where some of the biggest festivals in town are celebrated—including the colorful February festival Ba Chua Xuch to honor a Vietnamese prosperity goddess.
    For the ultimate in luxury, the privately-owned Nhu Tien Beach cannot be beat, it offers a golf course with stunning views over the palm-fringed sands and lush mountains, yoga and snorkeling, and plenty of other activities.                        
The beach at Bãi biển
The longest beach in Nha Trang
  • Long Son Pagoda: It was moved to its current location at the foot of Trai Thuy mountain after it was partially destroyed by a cyclone in the year 1900. Today, this is one of the most visited pagodas in town and a beloved stop for both locals and tourists. Beautiful dragon mosaics and intrinsically decorated ceramic tiles cover the temple's entrance and part of the roof and the altar inside.
    Perhaps the most commonly associated image with Long Son pagoda is the 24-meter-tall white Buddha statue. Entrance is free.

    Vinpearl Attraction Park and Cable Car:
     A ride on the Vinpearl Cable Car is one of the top things to do in Nha Trang. Connecting Nha Trang with Vinpearl Island, this gondola ride is over 3,000 meters long and takes just over 10 minutes to reach its destination. It took over a year to build the cable car, as it needed to be made not only earthquake resistant but also able to withstand strong winds and monsoon rains. The ride is actually the longest overwater cable car in the world and offers beautiful views over the sea and the Vinpearl park that occupies center stage on the island. The towers that sustain the cables are designed to look like miniature Eiffel towers and are completely illuminated at night, making for a beautiful sight. 

❗Attention: When taking the cable car, you are actually buying entrance to the park as well. Prices are 800K VND until 5pm when its reduced to 400K per person. Although its expensive at first, this includes unlimited rides on all the attractions at the park including the big Wheel! Paying the higher price guarantees you can use the water attractions during the day. 

To access Vinpearl you need to take the Cable Car.
Vinpearl Attraction Park offers all rides and activities included!
Together with cinema, water-fountain show, shops and restaurants you can spend as whole day here!
  • Nha Trang Cathedral: is the largest church in the city. Set atop a hill that overlooks Nha Trang Train Station, it was constructed in provincial French Gothic style by Priest Louis Vallet during the early 19th century. It's locally known as the stone church or Nui Church in Nha Trang. It's closed to visit on Sundays but open other days. It costs 10.000 VND to visit.
The main view of the Cathedral of Nha Trang.
Access is 10.000 VND per person.
Access to the Cathedral is from the back.
  • Tower Incense or Tram Huong Tower: located on the central beach road, Tran Phu. It is a monument as  well as an icon of the City of Nha Trang. This building gave Nha Trang beach an unique identity with an orange color lotus-shape structure. The area around it is a social gathering point, where often concerts are held or other public activities. Opposite this tower, you will find the night market.
Tower Incense is the symbol of Nha Trang.
  • Dam Market: is the largest and most popular market you will find in Nha Trang.  With three floors full of stalls and boutique shops to explore, Dam Market is a bit of an overwhelming experience, but nevertheless a must-do. It is part tourist souvenir market and part local market. The dried seafood section is worth your time, because you will find some of Nha Trang’s most famous local specialties such as dried shrimp, squid and cuttlefish.
    To avoid tourists and get a more local experience, visit early in the morning. Early hours are when Nha Trang’s residents go shopping. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid the midday heat.
The main building of the Dam Market
Dam market entrance.
Inside, two main floors are full of stands and small shops.
  • Ba Ho Waterfalls: Located 40-minute ride away from the city, this picturesque natural beauty is a popular choice for tour groups and travellers. Of the three waterfalls that make up the group, the bottom one is the most crowded but also the easiest to reach, but even it is still a half-hour trek through the bright green jungle to get there. The other Waterfalls require a harder climb using stone steps and large boulders and pushing through thicker forest. Wear proper hiking shoes, as the rocks can get slippery, especially during the rainy season. There are painted arrows pointing the way. All three waterfalls are popular cliff-jumping areas, with jumps as high as 11 meters from the rocks to the refreshing pools below.
🏖️ Island Tour

Take advantage of the tours offered to the surrounding islands from Nha Trang, it makes for a really nice day out, ideal for seeing new places, relaxing, swimming, snorkeling and a complete submersion into the nature and beauty of this region. There are numerous tours, types, durations and prices which make it a little hard which to choose.
However, keep in mind that each island imposes some taxes which need to be paid either by the tour agency or individually. So it's a good point to find out which tours include everything to avoid having to always pay extra in each island. 

One of the most popular islands is Hon Mun. The limestone cliffs, caves, and stunning black rocks cover the coastline, offer beautiful photo opportunities, as well as climbing and hiking. A slow stroll on the beach will also reveal caves hiding in the rock. However, Hon Mun's main attractions are found underwater. The island's coral reefs attract scuba divers and snorkelers from all over the world! There is a wonderful colorful biodiversity of fish, sea turtles, and crabs.The water is so clear around the island that even those who don't want to jump into the water will get to enjoy the marine life, boats with clear bottoms allow a direct view deep into the ocean. 

There are tours which only visit Hon Mum, but there are others which can allow you to enjoy islands like Robinson Beach at Vinpearl Island or Tam Island; Tours which include Robison Beach give you ample time to relax, swim, tan or taking a ride on a Kayak for a small race between other tourists. Lunch normally is served here.Tours which include Tam Island give the opportunity to experience the MerPerle Hòn Tằm Resort, where you can soak up a luxury mum bath and swim in the pools of the resort! The views from the resort are breathtaking, as well as the surroundings, that although they are not natural, they blend in perfectly with the ecosystem giving a very pleasant feeling of peace and quiet with open views to Nha Trang coastline!

Prices:  The difference in prices for these tours varies greatly, from 500K to 750K VND is the normal day tour price. But you can also get private tours and spend around 1.3M VND per person. For more information please check this website for the tour the aithri took: TU HAI TOURIST

Island Tour Hopping Photo Gallery

🌃 Nightlife

Vietnam’s most beautiful coastal city is definitely an indispensable destination for visitors. So the Nightlife in Nha Trang is really exciting and lively. Nha Trang Night market is an interesting point that almost every nightlife destination in Vietnam owns is the night market. And Nha Trang is not an exception.

It locates right next to the Cultural Center No. 46, Tran Phu Street and operates from 4 pm to 11 pm every day. The items here are quite diverse, including food, souvenirs, bags, jewelry, clothes, cosmetics, handicrafts…


Around the night market streets you will find many places where to enjoy an evening with good food and some entertainment. Clubs, bars and Karaoke places are in walking distance from the main beach front.

Additionally, you will find plenty of places for vietnamese massage which ranges from 140K to 250K per hour and type of service.  

The entrance of the Night Market is in front of the Tower Incense.
Markets, massages and bars are some of the things to do after sunset!
🛍️  Shopping

Apart from the usual souvenirs, some of the items worth seeking out in Nha Trang include clothing (tailoring is relatively big here, and one could get a custom piece made inexpensively), high-quality crafts (such as silk embroidery or pottery), pearl jewellery, and small souvenirs such as tin coffee brewers and beans from farms across Vietnam.

The main shopping is done at night when temperatures are more comfortable. The night market in front of the "Incense Tower" comes alive everyday at sunset and provides the best shopping opportunities.

🛌 Accommodation

The coastal city offers a wide range of accommodation options from budget hotels to 5 star resorts and hotels with front view of the beach! It's also very popular to get apartments in the area with many blocks offering the so called "Condotel" which is a good option if you are staying for a longer period or seeking more privacy with own kitchen and living rooms. These slightly cost more than the normal hotels but are worth looking at in the lower seasons. Prices for Condotels can range from €30 per night for one room apartment. 

Other hotels in the area can found cheaper, for as little as €20 per night, but don't have direct access to the beach or are further away from it.

Many hotels and Condotels are in front line of the beach!
⏳ How long to stay?

Staying in Nha Trang is all about relaxing, enjoying the nature and beauty of the area and having fun! As with any resort and beach destination the time you spend is more focussed on relaxing. To see some of the interests of the city and spend a day at least in Vinpearl, it's a good idea to stay a minimum of 3 nights here. Adding a tour also will need some extra time.  

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