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 Krabi Tourism Information

Ao Nang Beach
ℹ️ Introduction 

Krabi is located on southern Thailand’s west coast, it's a province characterised by craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and more than a hundred offshore islands. Some of the most popular beach destinations include the Phi Phi Islands, where hundred of tourists come to visit and celebrate hundred of late night parties as well! 

However, it is  its nature, the most admiring jewel why travellers choose to come to Krabi. Some areas are only accessible by boat like, Railay Beach, adding to the mystery of Krabi. Krabi is also, very popular for tours; by speed boat or long-tail boat with water activities and a prominent rock-climbing spot being the key favourites. 

If you are staying in Krabi, the atmosphere is more relaxed, and it's well suited for families with kids, there are many resorts and activities for all ages.

⛅️ Climate and Temperature  🌡️

The climate of Krabi is tropical, being hot all year round, with a rainy season due to the southwest monsoon, which runs from May to October, and a dry season from December to March. It will be more comfortable to be in Krabi during the dry season but temperatures can still reach 30-35 °C during day time and at night 25-30 °C.
Taking abundant sun protection, sun glasses, hats, insect repellant and plenty of drinking water is advisable. 

🚇 Transport 

Krabi like many other smaller cities in Thailand does not have an integrated public transportation system, therefore to move around you will need to use the local transport options, including Tuk Tuk's, bikes for hire, mini-vans, songthew's (open-truck) or taxis. 

First thing, when getting to Krabi Airport, the transport is a bit more advanced. There are busses which provide direct links to Krabi Town and to Ao Nang (Popular resort for beaches and accommodation). As you pick up your baggage and make your way to the arrivals hall, you will see some information stands (like in the pic) where they sell the tickets. One way tickets cost 90฿ to Krabi Town and 150฿ to Ao Nang. (taxis can cost as much as 500฿ per ride so if unless sharing, it's not a good choice. Getting back to the airport from Krabi Town you can get the bus from the main terminal or from Pak Nam street, in front of the NK Hometel Hotel (prices are 100฿ per person). 

Bus to/from Krabi Airport
Krabi airport transport information
Stop location at Krabi Town to Airport

Another option to move around Krabi, is using the Longtail boats. They are the typical postcard image when on a beach, as they are essentially, the best mean of transport in reaching the paradise islands. The longtail gets its name from the trailing drive shaft and propeller at the back of the boat. Traditionally, these boats were made from wood or bamboo but they are now also made from materials such as fibre-glass. The engines are simply a converted car or truck diesel engine which makes them relatively cheap and easy to maintain. An overhead canopy provides shade and shelter and some boats also have pull-down plastic canopies that cover the sides to protect passengers from spray or rain. Always negotiate fares with the driver before you start the journey.

Thai Longtail boats, form a picture perfect postcard, but are also the best way to move around Krabi!

✔️Tip: It's a popular idea to rent a scooter in Krabi, as traffic is not that intense. If you are keen to travel around and see the local areas and be your own driver. Bikes can be rented from 200฿ per day. But you need to provide international driving license and ID to rent them. 

🚚 The Songthaew

Once in Krabi, you can move around from the town to the beaches by Songthaew. It literally means "two rows", it's a mini truck (land-rover style) converted into a minibus to carry passengers. They are not very comfortable when full and lack air conditioning (they are all open) but they serve a good vital link to the areas around. You will pay only 50฿ from the town to Ao Nang and vice-versa. In krabi town you will see the stop in front of the 7-Eleven at Soi Maharaj 8. the Songthaew are normally white and have signs indicating the stops so they are easy to identify. When coming from Ao Nang the stops are well signed posted along the 4203 road in both directions. However when you see them you can stop them anywhere, and if there is space they will make a stop to pick you up. To get off anywhere, just press the call button above on the ceiling area, and the driver will stop when it's safe to get off. 

❗Attention: When getting the Songthaew, they finish services as the sun sets (about 6-7pm), though in the high season they can work till 10pm. (December-February). If you are waiting more than 30 min for one, chances are they don't run anymore. 

✔️Tip: If you want to avoid taxis, download for free the application GRAB, which hires private drivers and can cost up to 50% cheaper than a taxi and it's for a set price, irrelevant of the time taken to travel.

The Songthaew can be recognised by their signs at the front window
They provide a cheap alternative to taxis and are a fun way to travel around.
🌴 What to see and do ?

Krabi and its surroundings areas are full of beauty, unparalleled paradise backdrops with white sandy beaches, clear crystal waters, beautiful idyllic islands to explore and venture into the wild with dense green mangrove forests and many more natural wonders waiting to be explored. Every island is a jewel in itself and leaves travellers with an open-jaw when they arrive to admire the unspoilt lands. However depending what attracts you to come to Krabi, you might be inclined in doing very different activities. Water sports, rock climbing and adventure sports are also very popular requests and have dedicated tour companies providing this alternative as well. 

✔️Tip: When arriving to the airport in Krabi, you will find some tour information stands which give you some first hand insight on what is available. Tours in the high season ( July-August and December to January) get full quite quickly so it's important to book as soon as possible, as you arrive to the airport in this case. Prices are all similar due to the Tour rates, but as a reference, expect to pay per tour around €25 per person. (full day tours). As well note that all tours don't include the price of the National Park entrance fee, which is 400฿ for the 4 Island tour and 300฿ for Hong Islands. 

The tours are grouped together depending what each traveller is seeking, but such activities should include the major attractions like the island tours, kayaking, sport activities or rock climbing tours. Every time the tours are changing depending on the season, demand and changes to the routes or itineraries, so no two tours will be the same! The typical tours, most demanded you can expect to take are: Phi Phi Islands Tour, 4 Islands Tour and the Hong Islands Tour. (each covering different island formations, where to see natural caves, white sand beaches, snorkelling with the coloured fishes, kayaking, amongst some of the activities offered). For more information about the tours and the activities please visit Barracudastourkrabi where you can find a contact form and more details from each tour. 

✔️Tip: When taking tours in Krabi, it's more convenient to stay within Ao Nang area, due to the departure of all tours depart from here. If staying in Krabi town, there is a transfer included within the price. However they use Songthew's (truck style vehicles transformed to carry passengers) which are filled to maximum capacity and the ride can take up to 1 hour which is not very comfortable when having to wake up early in the morning! 

Speed Boats are used on most tours!
Tup Island channel crossing
Poda Island
Hong Island Lagoon
Paradise Island
Sun Set at Khao Khanab Nam
Dozens of white sand beaches to explore!
Chicken Island
The Phallic shrines, one of the more interesting sights, "dedicated for fertility".
Rock climbing is a popular sport at Krabi.
Swimming with the fishes at Hong Island
Snorkelling around the coral and watching fish, amongst the most popular activities.

Additionally, there are some other things you can do and see whilst in Krabi:

  • In Krabi town you will find the Wat Kaew Korawaram, it's Krabi's largest Buddhist temple. 
  • The Krabi Contemporary Art Museum, hosted in the original ordination centre of Wat Kaew temple. 
  • Krabi Riverside & Thara Park, ideal during the evening to walk by and eat some local food by the stalls. 
  • Also don't miss the Krabi night market, best visited during the weekend, you will find all cheap souvenirs, clothes, cosmetics, handcraft, etc and delicious local and international food prepared on the spot! 

Outside Krabi you will find: 

  • From the Krabi riverside walkway you will distinguish two majestic rocks, they are the Khao Khanab Nam, standing at 100 metres tall, they are one of Krabi’s most famous landmarks. Inside, the mountains hide a very spiritual site, caves with collections of stalagmites and stalactites. To get there, take a long-tail boat from Krabi Chao Fa Pier which takes around 15 minutes. Try and include a trip to visit a local mangrove forest and taking a look at Koh Klang fishing village as part of your trip. Boat rental should be around 300 baht per trip including the fishing village and forests, and there is no admission charge for Khao Kanab Nam. Long tail boats may not always include shade from the sun so remember to take sun lotion, or a hat!
  • Ao Nang, is the centre for tourism, as most tours and many activities start from here. Although it's 20 Km away from Krabi, Ao Nang is a town of its own, with many accomodation resorts, hotels and a magnificent beach with soft sands, the highlight of the area! Close by there are dozens of shops for beach-wear clothing, souvenirs, restaurants, bars and many information points where to enquire about the tours and activities which start from here. If you are staying in Krabi town, take the Songthaew transport to reach Ao Nang. (check the previous tab for more info on the Songthaew)
  • Krabi Kart Speedway, located on the road to Ao Nang approximately seven kilometres from downtown Krabi. Need to get there by taxi or Tuk-tuk. Four kart-types are available, for beginners, for kids and family and Special Racing go-kart 125cc for experienced drivers only. Also Krabi Paintball Park is located right behind the go-kart track and is set in a lightly forested battlefield featuring specially designed shelters behind which players can take cover.
  • Krabi Tiger Cave, offers a genuine spiritual experience in a stunning natural surrounding. Located 3 km from Krabi town this is one of Thailand’s finest natural wonders and definitely worth a visit. The temple here is a warren of natural caves formed within a lush jungle and home to monks who worship and live here. To enter remember to dress respectfully and take a bottle of water as it can be very hot and humid. A visit is best scheduled early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday sun. Beware also of the playful monkeys which live in the area! To get there, take a mini-bus, taxi or tuk-tuk (arrange a fare with the tuk-tuk driver in advance). Alternatively you can take a traditional Thai public bus, the songthaew from either Krabi town or Ao Nang. The public bus is much cheaper but stops at the road next to Wat Tham Sua and from there it takes about 20 minutes by foot. 
Wat Kaew Korawaram Temple
Krabi Riverside & Promenade
Khao Khanab Nam
Krabi night market
Krabi town centre
International food widely available at the markets.
Ao Nang Beach front
Ao Nang Sword Fish Sculpture
Ao Nang Beach
🌃 Nightlife

Krabi's nightlife is relaxed, reflecting the easy-going southern beach culture. The most common places to hang out are the beach bars. Specially the area of Ao Nang is more popular for evening hangouts. Also the night market in Krabi town is worth checking. 

🛍️  Shopping

There is not a big shopping scene in Krabi, when compared to Bangkok or Phuket, but you can still find some department stores, shopping malls, boutiques and local markets in Krabi Town.

🛌 Accommodation

When choosing your place in Krabi, you need to consider if you want to stay in the town or the beach areas/resorts. The area of Ao Nang, is 20 km from Krabi, but's it's more popular for high-end accommodation, good quality resorts and Hotels. However there are also budget Hotels/hostels from €25 per room.The location and the beauty of it's natural surroundings make it the reasons why prices will be higher here. If you are looking for more peace and quiet, then Krabi Town is a good option, it might lacks the beaches, but you can still do the same tours and move around easily. Krabi Town has many Hotels within walking distance to the centre from only €15 per night per room

💭 Suggestion! A recommended Hotel is the Greenery Hotel, a basic Hotel located 5 min walking distance to the centre of Krabi Town. It offers single, double and family friendly rooms for reasonable prices. It has free WIFI, free tea & coffee, air conditioning, fridge-freezer  and private bathrooms. It's also a good option when doing tours, as many tours will come to the Hotel to pick you up and drop you off directly from the lobby entrance. 

The Greenery Hotel
⏳ How long to stay?

When coming to Krabi for active tourism, you might need a few more days than you expected! There are numerous activities you can do, mostly water-related activities, tours and sports like rock climbing if you are into this. However the town of Krabi and Ao Nang are very small so you can see everything it has to offer in one day. During the day it's always better to programme some tour, and then in the evening chill and walk around the local areas. When combining 2 or 3 tours you will need a full 3 days in order to see/do everything. Expect more people during the weekends, but also good for more life and atmosphere! 

  Krabi Photo Slide 📷