Hua Hin Tourism Information

Hua Hin provides relaxation and night markets in one of the more peaceful town 4 hours drive away from Bangkok.
ℹ️ Introduction 

If you're staying in Bangkok for more than a few days, it's a good idea to escape the city. Why not spend a relaxing weekend in Hua Hin? Located 280 km from Bangkok, the town was selected by the King of the time (Rama VI), to build a Holiday Residence dating back to the 1920's. The town itself is filled with Hotels, restaurants and bars, as there is an abundant night life in the centre of the town, but it's much more relaxed than in the capital. Tourism levels have grown a lot in the region thanks to its calm atmosphere, clear water beaches and scenery. It's a worth visiting place to chill and relax.

⛅️ Climate and Temperature  🌡️

The average daily temperature in Hua Hin, is consistent throughout the year. It varies from 25°C in January to a high of 35°C in April and May. There is a much greater variation in the amount of rain, with the wettest months being October and November. The best time of the year to visit is December through February when temperatures are relatively low and only occasional rain showers occur.

Hua Hin is usually pleasant at any time of the year though, even during the monsoon (rainy) season as there is usually a break in the rain at some time during the day. In fact, the rain never lasts very long, and the skies clear within minutes afterwards. Another advantage of visiting in the rainy season is that there are less visitors and better hotel rates. 
If you’re especially adverse to extreme heat, avoid between April and May when the weather is especially hot and sticky with temperatures around 35°C.

🚇 Transport 

To get to Hua Hin, the best tip is to go by train. Trains depart in the morning and arrive after midday. The ride itself is an interesting  one, with beautiful scenery landscape as you leave Bangkok. The price is very reasonable, the cheapest you can get is at 44฿one way and takes 4 hours on a 3rd class carriage. Some trains offer better service with air conditioning and take about 3 hours, these fares start from 150฿. To return to Bangkok you have one train at 14h and another at 16h. 

For the exact train times please click on this link: Hua Hin Train Times

Alternatively you can go by Van, the cost is 180฿ and they leave from Victory Monument roundabout every hour. (Sky train station, Victory Monument). However they make numerous stops along the way, picking up locals and often filling the van more than the normal capacity, so expect to be crammed inside. The trip takes about 3 hours and leaves you in central Hua Hin.  

✔️Tip: To go around Hua Hin and the places of interest it's a good idea to rent a motorbike. For only 200฿ a day you can ride a small cylinder scooter (Up 2 passengers) and go around at your leisure. Driving with a Foreign license is allowed depending on which country you come from. Check with your country's Thai embassy for more info on driving in Thailand.

The train ride to Hua HIn is around 4 hours.
Renting a bike is cheap and a good way to travel around the small city.
🌴 What to see and do ?

Places to visit are: 

  • King's Summer Palace (Phra Ratchaniwet Mrigadayavan Palace), 
  • Cicada Weekend Night Market, (Market for Food, Handcraft and Arts)
  • Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village, (alternative shopping center imitating the life of the 1950s)
  • Wat Khao Takiab (also known as Monkey Temple from the many that live there and are free to go around) 
  • Hua Hin Night Market (Situated at the intersection of Petchkasem Road and Dechanuchit Road)

King's Summer Palace ▼

Cicada Weekend Night Market ▼

Plearn Wan Eco Vintage Village ▼

Wat Khao Takiab ▼

🌃 Nightlife

While Hua Hin is not a wild party town like Pattaya or Phuket, there’s still plenty of options for a night of loud music, strobe lights and vodka shots. 

The main nightlife district is located in the touristy Bintabaht area. Filled with dozens of small bars, few nightclubs and some restaurants, this area draws in a healthy crowd of both tourists and locals.

Another nightlife hotspot can be found in the northern part of town, along the main road. The few large clubs, pubs and restaurants here are hard to miss. The establishments here are targeted for Thais mostly.

Aside from these, few individual nightspots are located around the town. So the best place to stay and go out is, Bintabaht area, located in the heart of Hua Hin, this area around Soi Bintabaht offers the most choice in venues. You’ll find an Irish pub, nightclubs, some Italian and French restaurants, and many small beer bars and massage parlors here. Bintabaht area is small and easily navigable on foot. 

🛍️  Shopping

Hua Hin has all sorts of shopping treats lined up for visitors, despite its small size. There are some more shopping opportunities in nearby Cha-Am and Pranburi too, but for variety and choice you’d be better off exploring in Hua Hin for the local experience.
Local markets like the Day or Night Markets offer a very wide variety of merchandise, and probably the best places to shop at. The best places to go are 
Plearn Wan (local curiosity shops in an old vintage style), Cicada Market (night / day market for food, clothes and accessories) and finally BlúPort which is a big shopping mall in Hua HIn.

🛌 Accommodation

Staying in Hua Hin is a little more expensive due to its location, popular for locals who come to visit the Palace to pay respects to the Royal Family. Hotels and resorts are good quality if staying near the beaches. Staying near the train station or the centre of the town is better for going out as otherwise will need transport to move around. Prices range from €20-35. Hostels are widely available as well in the centre if you don't mind sharing. Some hotels are well priced if staying around 10-20 KM away from the city, though it's not advised to stay so away for the distance involved travelling each time. 

⏳ How long to stay?

Going to Hua Hin is ideal for a weekend getaway from Bangkok. You can see everything in one or two days as it doesn't take long to visit. Ideally to see the Cicada Weekend Night Market in your trip. Two nights would be more than enough.  

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