Yeosu Tourism Information

Geobukseon Bridge, one of the main places to see in Yeosu, a city growing in popularity in South Korea.
ℹ️ Introduction 

Yeosu is a beautiful coastal city located in the southwest of Korea and it is famous for stunning views of the sea. It became more famous with the song ‘Yeosu Night Sea’ sang by a Korean singer-songwriter, Jang Beom June. Yeosu is absolutely a popular travel destination among Koreans, but it is relatively less known to foreigners.

The name Yeosu means "beautiful (yeo) waters (su)". As the name suggests, there’s an abundance of beautiful ocean views in Yeosu. The clean waters and countless uninhabited islands of the southern sea mean that Yeosu is full of great spots across land and water. Yeosu is renowned nationally for having some of the most picturesque places for driving, walking, trekking and swimming, as well as for appreciating the sunrise and night-time panoramas.

The evening views in Yeosu are one of the main attractions to visit too!
⛅️ Climate and Temperature  🌡️

Unlike the rest of the Korean Peninsula, Yeosu enjoys a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid, bringing people out to nature with temperatures between 20°C and 34°C.

Winters are dry with cold winds. Winter temperatures average between 2°C and 15°C. The temperature rarely drops below freezing and snow in is relatively uncommon.

Yeosu experiences cool springs because it is situated on the coast. Typhoon season starts in late summer and continues until the end of September. Autumn is the most comfortable months in Yeosu, (October, November) with warm, mild temperatures and very little rain.

🚇 Transport 

Arriving into Yeosu by air, the airport is well connected by public bus number 34 and 35 which depart every 45 minutes into the city. You can check the Kakao Maps (APP) for timetables and routes for which bus suits you better. 
If you are arriving by bus, you will be dropped off at the Yeosu Bus Terminal where you can get take also bus 34,35, 96 or 960. 
There is no express or high speed rail from Seoul directly to Yeosu, but you are able to connect at Cheonan or Iksan and take the local train to Yeosu Expo Station. The trip will take around 4 hours by train. 

Once in Yeosu, public transport is reliable but not frequent. You are able to time the busses from the Kakao App if you only taking busses and travelling to the places of intertest. But if you're stay in Yeosu is short, then perhaps renting a car is the best alternative to avoid having to wait long times for busses. 

🏰 What to see and do ?

Yeosu, is itself a small peninsula consisting of the Yeosu Peninsula and 317 islands, all separated by mountains and sea.  In the 15th century it was the place of the Joseon Dynasty's Naval Headquarters and in the 16th century it served as the first base for the Great Admiral Yi Sun Shin, a Navy Commander, who saved the country from Japan’s invasion. 

Its beauty and uniqueness mostly remains undiscovered as most tourists visiting South Korea usually prefer to stay in Busan or Seoul. But ever since Yeosu hosted the 2012 World Expo, it has grown in popularity as an international ocean resort. If you want to experience plenty of nature, hiking and beautiful look out spots with countless islands to see, you have to visit Yeosu! Below are the highlights:

  • The island of Odongdo, famous for camellia. It's just a short 10-minute drive from the city centre, so there's really no excuse for missing out. You can walk along the seawall or take the camellia train from the entrance to the island. Odongdo has a dense forest of evergreens such as camellia trees and bamboo. Camellias begin blooming in October and are in full bloom by April, and their beauty is what makes Odongdo so famous and special. A trail encircling the island offers a chance to slowly take in a natural beauty. You can also climb to the lighthouse observation deck and take in a panoramic view of the archipelago. t
    One of the most interesting part of the island is the landmark they call "Dragon Cave". According to the legend, a dragon lived in this cave. The dragon use this cave as a passage to come out and eat raindrops when it is raining. The dragon cave is such an interesting view, plus it is facing the vast ocean.
    Getting to the island: There is no direct bus, but you can take bus 2, 68, 76 or 333 which stop close by.
The island of Odongdo at sun set.
Odongdo Lighthouse can be visited.
There are trails that take you around the entire island.
This cave, is called the dragon's Cave!
  • Dolsan Park and Cable Car: The park is situated at the entrance to Dolsan Island off the coast of Yeosu. The best views of the city can be had at night when Dolsan Bridge and Yeosu Port are fully lit. Dolsan Park is also home to a marine cable car that will take you over the sea to Jasan Park. It takes about 15 minutes to cross, you can sit back and see views of the surrounding sea, Yeosu, Janggundo, Geobukseon Bridge and Hamel Lighthouse. 
    For info and prices of the cable car please visit:
    Getting to there: You can take bus 2, 68, 76 or 333 which stop close by and walk to the cable car station. You will need to take a lift up to the top where the cable car is situated. Good views from Odongdo Island can be seen from here too.
The Cable Car towards Dolsan Park.
Dolsan Park
The views of Yeosu from Dolsan Park.
Dolsan Park and Cable Car views.
Views towards Dolsan Park.
From the top of the cable car entrance a good view of Odongdo can be seen.
  • Hyangilam is a temple situated on a steep cliff on Mt. Geumo at the southern end of Dolsan Island. The name means "facing (hyang) the sun (il)", and as it suggests, the temple is a great spot for viewing the sunrise. To climb to the temple, you have to pass through narrow gaps in the rocks. There are seven such gaps in total, and it is said that passing through all gaps will grant you a wish. The front of the inner sanctuary is a famous spot for sunrise viewing and gets rather crowded on New Year's morning. You can get there by bus number 113 or 116. 
The entrance to Hyangilam temple .
Whether for visiting or praying the Hyangilam Temple is worth the hike!
Beautiful shots can be taken year round in Hyangilam.
The top of the temple offers some amazing views!
Passing through the seven narrow rock formations brings good luck in Hyangilam.
The Hyangilam Temple and its big bell.
  • Yeosu Ocean Railbike: Along the rocky coast of Yeosu there is a 3.5 km long open track that passes through open beachfronts and a tunnel portion. Riding the Yeosu Ocean Railbike is an exciting way to see the cliffs and islands jutting out of Yeosu’s sea. It is also a quite safe and comfortable ride. If you do not want to tire your legs by hiking around Yeosu’s coast, this is the best alternative for you.
    The ride takes around 45 minutes. It's quicker on the way out, since its down hill and the ride back is a little more tiring as need to use more leg power!
    To get there you can take bus 6 or 7.

The ride going is slightly better because its downhill. (you will need leg power!).
Yeosu Ocean Railbike is an old train line.
These are the bikes which are used.
🛌 Accommodation

Lucky for any type of travellers, Yeosu offers a good variety of accommodation options, from budget to 4 Star Hotels. 
There are basic small hotels which offer private bathroom for $30-40 a night and can range all the way up to $150 per night the higher end you prefer. 

Also, Airbnb is quite popular in South Korea so you can find good alternative accommodation and budget options within the city centre or private homes for longer stays.

⏳ How long to stay?

You will not need too long to explore Yeosu, since its a small city and the main attractions are not too far from each other. Driving here, you can see and do everything easily within a day. Otherwise, by transport you might want to stay one night in order to capture a good evening sunset and relax by the ocean. 

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