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Find a quick guide on how to navigate easily around the pages of the site:

Destinations Guide, Airline Reviews Guide and Travel Deals Guide

Quick reference guide to Destination guides:

To view the destinations guides available, which are classified by country and organised alphabetically, you will find them under the "Destinations" tab.

Each Country's heading show's you which information is available (click on the blue link to go direct to the precise information).

Within the "Essential Country Information tittle" you will find the basic information with subtitles which include transportation and how to get to the country, the airlines most used, weather facts about the country and the typical food and drink you can find.

You will also find a "Author's Comment tittle" which is a brief personal description with the perception of the country from the author's point of view.

The "Precise tourism Information tittle" or city information is found next, within in it you see useful subtitles in bold black about the transportation, what to see and do, suggestions, recommended duration and other highlights which will have their own subtitle.

Look out for the "TIP" and the "Attention!" bold subtitles which gives you useful information about things to do, things to see, culture facts and even things you need to be careful of, due to safety concerns or important facts regarding the place you are visiting!

Each city has a photo gallery or a photoshow in which to see the sites! 

Quick reference guide to Airline Reviews: 

To view the Airline Review guides available, which are classified by airline and organised alphabetically, you will find them under the "Airline Reviews" tab.

As you select the airline, you will find the logo (with direct web access) and in a bold black subtitle you will see information for the airline containing: History of the airline, operations (routes flown) and fleet (current aircraft used). 

The main feature of the airline reviews are the personal opinions from the author and it's divided into a positive and negative tab.

♦An interesting photo show featuring pics of the airline reviewed with real pics take live.

♦At the end you will find the rating received to the airline by the readers. Also it's possible to leave your own opinion or comments. 

Quick reference guide to Travel Deals: 

To view the Travel Deals available, which are classified by date added, (most recent first). You will find them under the "Travel Deals" tab.