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United States of America

🌎Capital:  Washington DC

🌎Currency: American Dollar (USD) ($)

🌎Zone:  Various GMT

🌎Phone Code: +1

🌎Best time to visit: March to June

🌎Must eat: American ribbs.

🌎Must drink:  Coca-cola

🌎Don't miss: Walking in Manhatan, NY

City Guide
 New YorkNew York
Illinois Chicago
 California Los Angeles
San Francisco
Santa Cruz
 Massachusetts Boston
 Maryland Washington DC
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Getting there and transportation:  
The United States of America is a ginormous country which has many ways of arriving. Either by air, rail or road. Back in the 1900's it was also popular to travel to the States by ship. Those days have long gone with the revolution in air travel. 
The country spans an incredible radius of over 4.300km, which means travelling to the USA and within it, is better by air. The USA has 3 major airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines  and Delta Airlines, all of which offer a great route network from many European, African, Asian and Australian cities to America, travelling direct to some of the countries major hubs. 
When travelling from Europe, in addition, many national carries offer daily flights to many USA cities, the most popular destinations being on the east coast, such as New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago and Washington DC. However when travelling from Asia or Australia the most popular destinations are Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Naturally there is more presence of Asian national carriers on this side of the country.
TIP:  The choice is vast, and so is the competition, with many airlines fighting for the market. They offer special deals and packages which benefit travellers taking up flights and Hotels together in order to save money. This is very recommended when travelling to USA as generally Hotels are expensive. 

Flights are also the best option when travelling domestically in the USA, taking up to 6 hours to cross coast to coast. If not making a transit stop with the major airlines then it's also worth looking at the low coast airlines which operate in the country. Airlines such as Jet blue, Frontier Airlines and Southwest amongst many more are the main competitors in the low cost market. 

Other options when travelling to the USA from neighbouring countries, include train and bus. Specially rail from Canada is more popular and busses from either Canada and Mexico. Journey times are considerably long from one state to another so it's always suggested check air tickets as the first alternative. Unless you like doing a road trip for many days! For the locals, it's quite common to reach other states by coach. This being an economical option, although lengthy rides at times and not the most comfortable vehicles are some of the negative sides. The most popular company used is Greyhound.

Within the country, transportation is widely available in every city and town. There are ample options to choose from in the major cities whilst in smaller towns there are at least public busses. Each main city has its unique transport system, combined with metro, busses, trams, rail etc. Please refer to each city for a more detailed overview of their transport options.

Another popular option when travelling in the USA is driving. It's roads are generally straight, in good condition and are easy to navigate your way around. Most local people own a car, so it's definitely widespread to use cars in smaller cities where the minimum driving age is only16 years old. One of the key tourists attractions is to drive along the 66 road route through the desserts.Running between Chicago and Los Angeles, over two thousand miles, this legendary old road passes through the heart of the United States on a diagonal trip that takes in some of the country’s most archetypal roadside scenes.

Visa and travel Requirements: 
All citizens from around the world are required a VISA when travelling to the USA. (even on transit). The visas can be made either electronically via the official website of the US Home Office or in person at the embassy of your country if you are not permitted to apply for the electronic option. These ETA, Electronic Travel Authorization VISA's are valid for most EU citizens and other countries included in the visa waiver programme and can be applied online for a fee of $14. The visa then is valid for 2 years from the approval of the application with any trip not staying longer than 90 days in the USA at one time. Note, that if you do not hold the ETA (electronic visa) you will be refused to enter the USA and sent back. 
Additionally, you need to have proof of address stay in the USA (this can be asked several times before you arrived in the USA). Some borders can be tighter and can also ask about your funds (cash or credit cards), employment details and plans in the USA. 
usa customs
The USA in a very open country for visitors, but its imortant to check visa requirements before flying.
Climate and temperature:  
The climate is generally continental on the upper half of the country, with a warmer climate taking shape as you travel down to the lower half of the country. Therefore each city can be extremely different depending when you are travelling. Temperatures are generally cold and get below 0 C in the upper half whilst in the south they enjoy mild winter's but harsh summer's up to 40-45C at times! Check every city's weather information for a more detailed report.
Food and Drink:  
Americans' appetite for learning more about food and becoming familiar with diverse cuisines has grown exponentially in the past decade, along with their waistlines. In large cities, restaurants are mostly modern and very clean, offering a vast range of cuisines, prices and facilities. Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from fast-food, self-service and counter service, to drive-thru and table service. There are numerous options for casual and fine dining alike. 'Diners', now a fading US institution, consist of simple food served from the counter. These are often located in smaller towns, and although they have been replaced by fast food chains in many areas, can still be found along the east coast and in parts of the southern US, midwest and southwest.
Given the country's diverse cultural groups, the range of cuisines available in the US is large. In fact, many people believe the US does not have its own distinct cuisine. There are however many ethic cuisine in the large cities like New York, New Orleans or Los Angeles. 
American servings and dishes are always big in size and quantity. Therefore always consider how many dishes you order to be satisfied. Family chain restaurants, franchises and road cafes tend to be able to have free refills, including water, coffee and sodas.
Famous american dishes and specialities include: Hamburgers, Fried chicken, Barbecue meat, Waffles, Bagels, Cheesecake, Key lime pie and Apple pie.
As for drinks, Coca-Cola is the number one drink with it's other associated flavours. Regional wines are popular specially in California. Microbrewery beer. Speciality coffees and regional cocktails (Manhattan in New York; the Sazerac or the Vieux Carre in New Orleans). 
Curiosities of dinning in America: There are also many types of bars, cocktail lounges, café-style bars and English-style pubs. Waiter/waitress service costs more than self-service or take-out and at the end of the service expect an extra surcharge for the service, plus they would expect a tip on top. (Wages are generally low for them so they rely heavily on these tips and surcharges). Another thing to take into account is the general norm not to include the VAT (TAX), so a meal which might look cheap at first might not be as much when you get the bill. (cheque as they say in the states).
American food
Wherever you go in the USA try different Hamburgers and fries!
american food
Waffles for breakfast are truly American!
amrican food
Any fast food chain in America is actually typical American food!

Author's Comment: 

America can't be described until you have travelled at least a few times to the different states and cities around the whole country. It's vast size and difference in customs from one side of the country to the other are very noticeable. It's said that America lacks culture when compared to Europe, and this is true to one extent. However there is still lots of history to learn about, and many cities offer interesting museums and galleries to visit. America played important parts in the World Wars, specially after the Pearl Harbour attack, so it's common to come across with monuments and statues around the whole country in honour of the heroes and fatalities which resulted from the wars. Each city is a world of it's own, and it's so curious to visit those differences and even the people will be different, from warm, welcoming and chatty in the west to hard working, ambitious and fast moving in the east. 
Food is something you will always amaze about, specially for the size of the portions, good quality used, but unfortunately it's understandable how people can let themselves go with so much food on offer. Good prices in take out restaurants and a culture of driving instead of walking are the factors which make this nation over-size in so many ways. However my experience in USA has always been positive, with people keen to help, converse and give tips to a typical tourist like myself. America is hard to describe in a few words, from modern, open and stylish to poor, run down, essential and basic to others. However the country has some stunning places to visit, both natural and human built. New York, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco are the few cities which remain so fascinating and I enjoyed every aspect about them. There is still a lot of road to discover and I look forward to discover it in future trips! 

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