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History:  United Airlines traces is one of the oldest commercial airline in the United States to the days of Varney Airlines air mail service of Walter Varney, who also founded Continental Airlines. It was founded in Boise, Idaho.Varney's chief pilot, Leon D. "Lee" Cuddeback, flew the first Contract Air Mail flight in a Swallow biplane from Varney's headquarters in Boise, Idaho to the railroad mail hub at Pasco, Washington on April 6, 1926. 
April 6 is regarded in the United Airlines company history as both its own birthday and the date on which "true" airline service operating on fixed routes and fixed schedules began in the United States. Varney Airlines' original 1925 hangar served as a portion of the terminal building for the Boise Airport until 2003, when the structure was replaced.In 1927, airplane pioneer William Boeing founded his own airline, Boeing Air Transport, and began buying other airmail carriers, including Varney's. Within four years, Boeing's holdings grew to include airlines, airplane and parts manufacturing companies, and several airports. 
In 1929, the company changed its name to United Aircraft and Transport Corp. (UATC).In 1930, as the capacity of airplanes proved sufficient to carry not only mail but also passengers, Boeing Air Transport hired a registered nurse, Ellen Church, to assist passengers. United claims Church as the first airline stewardess. On May 7, 1930, UATC completed the acquisition of National Air Transport Inc, a large carrier based in Chicago. On March 28, 1931, UATC formed the corporation United Air Lines, Inc. to manage the UATC airline subsidiaries. William Boeing's company was broken into three: a parts supplier (the future United Technologies), an aircraft manufacturer (the Boeing Airplane Company), and the United Air Lines airline group. United's early route system, formed by connecting U.S. air mail routes, operated east-to-west along a transcontinental route from New York City via Chicago and Salt Lake City to San Francisco, as well as north-and-south along the West Coast. The early interconnections during this era became the basis of major United hubs in Chicago and San Francisco, followed later by additional hubs in Denver and Washington, D.C.These four cities remain United's principal hubs to this day.
During World War II, United-trained ground crews modified airplanes for use as bombers, and transported mail, material, and passengers in support of the war effort. Post-war United benefited from both the wartime development of new airplane technologies (like the pressurised cabin which permitted planes to fly above the weather) and a boom in customer demand for air travel. This was also the period in which Pan American Airways established a Tokyo hub and revived its Pacific route system that would later be acquired by United. 
United merged with Capital Airlines on June 1, 1961, making it the world's largest commercial airline and giving it a route network covering the entire United States. In 1968 the company reorganised, creating UAL Corporation, with United Airlines as a wholly owned subsidiary. United had begun to seek overseas routes in the 1960s, but the Transpacific Route Case (1969) denied them this expansion. It did not gain an overseas route until 1983, when they began flights to Tokyo from Portland and Seattle. In 1985, United agreed to purchase Pan American World Airways' entire Pacific Division, Boeing 747SPs, and L-1011-500s for $750 million. By the end of 1986, United operated flights to 13 Pacific destinations, most of which were purchased from the ailing Pan American World Airways. In May 1981, one week after rival American Airlines launched AAdvantage, the first modern frequent flyer program, United launched its Mileage Plus. In 1984, United became the launch carrier for the Boeing 767, taking its first delivery of 767-200s on August 19. In 1984, United became the first airline to serve all 50 states when it introduced service to Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Fargo, Casper, Jackson, and Charlesto. 
In 1991 it purchased routes to Heathrow Airport from ailing Pan Am. The aftermath of the Gulf War and increased competition from low-cost carriers led to losses in 1991 and 1992. The carrier also launched a low-cost subsidiary in 1994, Shuttle by United a high frequency, west coast-based operation, in an attempt to compete with low-cost carriers; the subsidiary remained in operation until 2001.
In 1995, United became the first airline to introduce the Boeing 777. In 1997, United co-founded the Star Alliance airline partnership. In May 2000, United announced a controversial plan to acquire US Airways for US$11.6 billion, but withdrew the offer in July 2001 before the United States Department of Justice barred the merger on antitrust grounds due to widespread objection from employee unions, customers and political leaders. 
During the September 11, 2001 attacks, two of the four airliners hijacked and crashed by al-Qaeda members were United Airlines aircraft (United Airlines Flight 175 was flown into the south World Trade Center tower; United Airlines Flight 93 was crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers fought back against the hijackers). An airline industry downturn resulted, and coupled with economic difficulties, skyrocketing oil prices, and higher labor costs, the company lost US$2.14 billion in 2001. In the same year United applied for a US$1.5 billion loan guarantee from the federal Air Transportation Stabilisation Board established in the wake of the September 11 attacks.
In 2005, United announced it had raised US$3 billion in financing to exit bankruptcy and filed its Plan of Reorganisation, on September 7. United Airlines emerged from bankruptcy on February 1, 2006. In late 2006, Continental Airlines participated in preliminary merger discussions with United. The board of directors of both Continental and UAL Corporation's United Airlines reached an agreement to combine operations on May 2, 2010. While United would be the surviving airline, the merged airline would adopt Continental's logo and livery. Continental's CEO Jeff Smisek would head the new company. The merger was contingent upon shareholder and regulatory approval.
The United-Continental merger was approved by the European Commission in July 2010 and by the US Justice Department on August 27, 2010. On September 17, 2010, United's shareholders approved the merger deal with Continental Airlines. On October 1, 2010, UAL Corporation changed its name to United Continental Holdings, Inc. The airline began operating under a single operating certificate from the FAA on November 30, 2011.
In October 2015, United Airlines appointed Brett J. Hart as its acting CEO. 
In the last years, United has strengthened it's position and provided it's customers with a stronger product and better services with the adquisition of new planes such as the Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner and Boeing 777 for long haul operations as well as Airbus A320 family aircraft and Boeing 737NG for it's medium and shor haul operations. It is currently one of the biggest airlines in the USA and the world with thousand of employees around all corners of the globe with a global network reaching nearly every city thanks to it's strong partnerships and Alliances. 
Operations:  United has a big presence at it's home, where it has 7 major operating bases; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Washington and New York (EWR). It has an extensive domestic network operated in association with it's subsidiary United Express where it flies to 212 destinations in the 50 states. In Canada and Mexico it flies to many destinations, including the major cities and secondary ones together with popular holiday destinations.
In Europe it flies to Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Hamburg, Lisbon, London (LHR), Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Shannon, Stockholm, Venice, and Zurich. 
In Latin America and the Caribbean it flies to Antigua, Aruba, Belize City, Bermuda, Bimini, Bonaire, Freeport, George Town, Governor's Harbour, Grand Cayman, Guatemala City, Liberia, Managua, Marsh Harbour, Montego Bay, Nassau, North Eleuthera, Panama City, Port-of-Spain, Providenciales, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Roatan, San Jose, San Pedro Sula, San Salvador, Santiago, Santo Domingo, St. Maarten, Tegucigalpa and Treasure Cay. 
Antigua, Aruba, Belize City, Bermuda, Bimini, Bonaire, Freeport, George Town, Governor's Harbour, Grand Cayman, Guatemala City, Liberia, Managua, Marsh Harbour, Montego Bay, Nassau, North Eleuthera, Panama City, Port-of-Spain, Providenciales, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Roatan, San Jose, San Pedro Sula, San Salvador, Santiago, Santo Domingo, St. Maarten, Tegucigalpa and Treasure Cay. 
In the Pacific region United flies to Chuuk, Koror, Kosrae, Kwajalein, Majuro, Melbourne, Pohnpei, Rota, Saipan, Sydney and Yap.
In the Middle East it flies to Tel Aviv and Kuwait. 
In Asia it flies to Beijing, Chengdu, Delhi, Fukuoka, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Manila, Mumbai, Nagoya, Oita, Okinawa, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo and Xian.

Fleet:  United has in excess of 1200 aircraft. It's continuously upgrading and introducing new air-frames into it's fleet as older models are retired or sold on. Currently the airlines has a big combination of Narrow and Wide body aircraft for it's main operations and uses regional aircraft for it's thinner domestic routes and some international routes to Canada.  
It's Narrow-body comprises, Airbus A319, A320, Boeing 737 (700/800/900), Boeing 757 (200/300). It's Wide-body comprises Boeing 767 (200/300/400), Boeing 777 (200/300ER), Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 787-8/9. 
It's subsidiary United express operates with Bombardier Q200,Q300, Embraer 135,E145, E1170, E175 and Canadair CRJ 200/700

Personal Reference:

 One of the Oldest airline brand and companies in the world with a high reputation and company values. Some Aircraft can be outdated due to the massive fleet size which United uses
 United Prides itself in good customer service, customer satisfaction and loyalty programmes.  Use of single aisle aircraft for long-haul flights to Europe
 Excellent Airline for Domestic connections and regional flights out of the USA Meal selection on board is simple. (Economy) 
 Member of the Star Alliance for millage redemption.  An informal customer service approach on some flights.
 All inclusive fares (Baggage and meals) on most flights. 
 Online check-in and free seat selection. 
 Good Quality Lounges around the World (Operated with Star Alliance Partners). 

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