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🌎Capital: Bangkok

🌎Currency: Baht (฿) (THB)

🌎Zone: GMT +7

🌎Phone Code: +66

🌎Best time to visit: December-February

🌎Must eat: Pad Thai, Papaya salad

🌎Must drink:.Ice tea, Singha/Chang Beer

🌎Don't miss: Traditional Thai Massage

Getting there and transportation:  Thailand 's main gateway is its capital Bangkok, where two main airports serve the city. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK) serves major airlines and the most international traffic. Don't Muang, (DMK) is closer to the city but serves most domestic and intra-asian destinations. 
Also Phuket is the holiday resort most popular in Thailand and it's airport offers direct links to Asian and European capitals during the peak season. However recently it's possible to reach there now making only one transit stop thanks to airlines like Emirates or Qatar Airways which shorten the distance in respect of opting to fly via Bangkok.

Thailand terrain and landmass makes it more popular to travel by air, however you can go by train to the main cities from Bangkok as well as by Bus. Journey times are very cheap but often long and in single lane roads which can make it also more dangerous specially if traveling by night as the absence of street lighting can make it more difficult to drive.

It's not recommended to rent a car in big cities, due to the high volume of traffic and the hot conditions can make it pretty hardeous to drive.
In Thailand you drive on the left hand side like in the UK . Driving in Thailand can be quite a challenge, specially in the big cities, so extra care is advised on the Thai roads when driving or even crossing roads when walking.

The Tuk-Tuk:  Thailand's most famous transportation is the Tuk-Tuk, a redesigned bike, with a roof and space up to 4 passengers. Most vehicles are licensed and carry a number plate in the big cities but in smaller towns and in the countryside they can be driven by anyone including children! When visiting any region in Thailand it's hard not to be temped to ride one of them. They offer tours and taxi rides in the cities, moving around is easier and cheaper also by Tuk-tuk. Remember to alsways pre-arrange the price with the driver before you get on and don't let them take you to another destination other than what you asked for, as they tend to go to Taylor's or jewellery shops where they receive a commission by taking you there. 

Thailand's Famous Tuk Tuk
Thailand's Famous Tuk Tuk
Food and drink:  Thailand is famous for its rich cuisine, traditional dishes are always served with a kick of spice and you will find plenty of dishes including meat,fish or vegetarian. Main dishes you can find are Pad Thai, ( Fried Noodles Thai style) Papaya Salad, Khao Pad  (fried Rice) , Green or Red Curry, Yam Nua  ( Spicy Beef salad). Soups  are very popular and can you find many vegetable and fish soups.
Eating out in Thailand is always a pleasure, depending on what you are looking for, you can eat indoors in fully air conditioned restaurants or can enjoy a more outdoor type of dinning experience on the street where small businesses put out tables and chairs for locals and tourists alike to enjoy a taste of the real Thailand. Prices are much cheaper naturally and you can only pay in cash.
Drinking in Thailand, is not a major tradition for its locals but it's thanks to the foreigners that Thai beers have become really famous such a Singha Beer or Chan Beer. Luckily, due to the high temperatures, finding cold, refreshing drinks is very easy and you will find stands on every corner of the city centre offering fresh-squeezed juice, Coco-nuts, fruit smoothies, water and general cold drinks. 
One Thai drink you can't miss is Thai ice-tea, made from strongly-brewed black tea, spiced with ingredients such as anise, crushed tamarind or cardamom. The brew is then sweetened with sugar and condensed milk, and served over ice.
pad thai
Pad Thai
Shrimp Balls
Shrimp Balls
Crab and rice
Rice with Crab

Author's Comment:

Thailand is one of those countries you can't get tired of visiting , every time you go, there is something new to see or do. It's exotic landscape, tasty spicy cuisine and marvellous weather means Thailand is a top destination for so many travellers. It's popularity just keeps on growing not only for honeymoon couples but as friend getaways, family holidays and many even considering to live in it's paradise resorts, islands and new residential areas.
The nature of Thailand's humble people, friendliness and good service stands out and you will realise it's a true paradise in so many forms! 

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