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History: The Group, as its exists today, came together in 1968 when Monarch Airlines was formed under the same ownership as Cosmos Holidays and Monarch Aircraft Engineering, following their establishment in 1961 and 1967 respectively.
Monarch Airlines was created to respond to the expanding charter holiday industry and demand for faster travel. In its early days Monarch operated with just two aircraft, but in the early 1970s the Airline began to meet the requirements of an evolving travel market by committing to an all-jet fleet and by 1972 was carrying 500,000 passengers per annum.
The advent of mass market independent travel saw Monarch launch its scheduled division with increased routes in 1985. The Airbus A330 was added to the fleet in 1999 featuring new Premium cabin and a range of upgraded passenger benefits, followed in 2001 by the launch of Monarch’s first online booking tool. By 2007 online reservations had grown to over 90% of total bookings.
Monarch Airlines is now one of the leading scheduled carriers at its key bases at London Gatwick, across the Midlands and the north of England. Its current 30 aircraft fleet provides an annual capacity of seven million seats from six UK bases to destinations around the Mediterranean, the Canaries and to ski destinations in winter. The Airline also offers capacity to tour operators both through its scheduled and operations and traditional charter activities, where it continues with selected long-haul flying.

Operations: Monarch Schedule has 4 operating bases in the UK. London Gatwick and Luton. Manchester and Birmingham. From there they fly to most Mediterranean holiday resorts and cities. Popular destinations are Spain, Italy and France. It flies as far as Tel Aviv, Stockholm and the Canary Islands. 
Fleet: Currently the aircraft operated by Monarch are Airbus A320 and A321 on all services. However it has Boeing 757 and A330 for longer routes, on demand and for charter work. For it's future fleet Monarch will receive the Boeing 737Max for fleet replacement. 

Personal Review:

 Tailored services offered on the website, flights only or packages available.  Limited route network (leisure destinations flown to mostly)
 Most experienced airline flying from the UK to leisure destinations, (charter and Scheduled) Flight times often can be early morning or night hours.
 Good customer care and service Seat selection, for a fee only. 
 Possibility to add on extra services (meals, baggage etc)
 Good routes offered to leisure destinations

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