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History: In 1921, The short-lived Aerotarg Poznań Aviation Society is founded and, between May and June, sets up the first regular Poznań-Warsaw flights.
In 1922, A limited liability company by the name of Aerolloyd Polish Airlines (Polska Linja Lotnicza "Aerolloyd") is established. On 5th September, the company launches regular flights from Gdańsk to Warsaw and onward from there to Lwów.
In 1925, Aerolloyd is transformed into Aerolot S.A., a joint stock company, and its technical facilities are transferred from Gdańsk airport to Warsaw's Mokotów airport.

In 1928 the Civil Aviation Department at the Ministry of Transport draws up a programme of fundamental changes in Polish air transport. Every private aviation company is closed down. In their stead, a single, self-governing, state enterprise is founded on 29th December 1928 and named LOT Airlines Ltd. (Linje Lotnicze LOT Sp. z o.o.).

On 1st January 1929, the company launches its operations. Two new routes are added; Warsaw-Katowice and Warsaw-Bydgoszcz. The company's name is extended to include an adjective, becoming LOT Polish Airlines Ltd. (Polskie Linje Lotnicze).

In 1930 LOT Polish Airlines becomes a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In 1931, a multi-section route is established, flying Warsaw-Lwów-Czerniowce-Bucharest.In 1934, after operational five years, LOT is allocated headquarters at Warsaw-Okęcie, where a modern airport has been built, complete with technical facilities, hangers, workshops and warehouses.
In September 1939, as the Second World War gathers force, sixteen of the airline's fleet of twenty-six planes are interned in Romania. The majority of the company's personnel are evacuated, as is the greater part of its movable property. During the course of the war, every single one of LOT's hangers and airport buildings are razed to the ground. In 1945 The pre-war LOT Polish Airlines Ltd. (Polskie Linje Lotnicze LOT, Sp. z o.o.) is reactivated, under compulsory state control. One year later in 1946, ten twin-engine, Li-2 aircraft are received from the army and the Warsaw-Gdańsk domestic route, the first to be flown since the war, goes into operation. LOT purchases nine Douglas DC-3 planes and relaunches its network of domestic routes and international flights to Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Prague.

In 1949 The LOT fleet is increased by the addition of five eighteen-seater Il-12s. Brussels is brought into the network of routes. LOT reinstates flights to Bucharest, Budapest and Copenhagen after their suspension during the war. In 1955 flights to Vienna and Moscow are introduced. In 1958, the Warsaw-London and Warsaw-Zurich routes are launched. In 1961 LOT purchases its first turboprop planes, the Soviet one-hundred-seater Il-18. By the end of 1966, the company has purchased a total of eight. In 1963 LOT launches its first post-war flights beyond Europe, initially establishing a route to Cairo, followed by Baghdad, Beirut, Benghazi, Damascus and Tunisia.
Polish air transport enters the jet age in 1968. On 6th November, the first of five Tu-134s purchased by LOT lands in Warsaw. These fast, medium-haul airliners are introduced onto the European routes, replacing the An-24 and, in some cases, taking over those that had previously been flown by the Il-18.
The Warsaw-Kiev and Warsaw-Istanbul routes are launched.The first long-haul Il-62s are introduced into the fleet in 1972. Charter flights inaugurate the first transatlantic routes in the history of Polish air transport. In 1973, 16th April, regular flights between Warsaw and New York are established.
By 1976, The first flights to the Far East, via Dubai and Bombay were introduced. By the late 1970s, LOT is flying regularly to Kuwait, Tripoli and Algeria.
In 1986, the decision to withdraw the Il-18s and Tu-134s from service is taken.New medium-haul Latvian planes fly into Warsaw; the Soviet Tu-154M is steadily introduced onto the European and Middle Eastern routes. LOT's transatlantic charters fly into Detroit and Los Angeles.
In 1988, the company decides to purchase American aircraft. This will have a crucial impact on both the prospects for, and form of, development of Poland's national airline. With its purchase of the wide-bodied Boeing 767s, LOT becomes the first carrier in the countries of Central and Eastern European to operate using American airliners. LOT's longest route to date is launched, flying from Poland to Singapore. The 767 arrive in 1989.
In 1991 the first French-Italian ATR-72s join the LOT fleet. Routes to Vilnius, Kiev, Minsk and Lwów are established. In 1992, LOT takes delivery of a number of Boeing 737s. In 1994, a codeshare agreement is signed with American Airlines.Flights start from Krakow to Vienna and Warsaw to Tallinn, Thessaloniki, Zagreb and Nice.

In 1997 LOT establishes a sister company, EuroLOT, which takes on the operation of domestic flights. It is also tasked with participating in the creation a Central European transit hub in Warsaw and with the development of regional flights abroad on less busy routes.In 1999, The company purchases a number of Embraer ERJ-145 regional jets. This small, fast plane means that more flights per day can be made, linking Warsaw with selected passenger hubs across Europe more frequently. On 18th November, the Minister of the State Treasury signs a contract for the sale of shares in LOT to the Swiss holding company, SAirGroup. This is the first step toward the airline's privatisation.
During the 2000/2001 winter season, the number of routes flown by LOT are increased significantly. This is primarily due to the transformation of Okęcie airport into a hub, as a result of which, Warsaw becomes an attractive location for local and transit traffic alike. A number of new routes are launched, including Zagreb, Tallinn, Bucharest and London's Gatwick airport. The LOT fleet is increased by eight Embraer ERJ-145s and three Boeing 737-500s. 

In April 2002, LOT and Lufthansa sign an initial strategic cooperation agreement and a codeshare contract covering the joint operation of air routes between Poland and Germany. With these documents, LOT's path toward membership of Star Alliance opens up. Miles & More becomes LOT's frequent flyer programme in 2003. LOT signs an agreement with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer for the delivery of a number of Embraer 170s.
On 26th October, LOT becomes a member of Star Alliance, the world's largest alliance of airlines. Its members set the benchmark for the highest of standards in the aviation world. In honour of the occasion, the Boeing 737-500 SP-LKE receives new, promotional paintwork.
In 2004, LOT celebrates its 75th anniversary. The occasion is honoured in a number of ways, including an exhibition of the company's posters at Warsaw's Poster Museum in Wilanów, the publication of an album and the issue of a commemorative stamp and a First Day Cover (FDC).
New routes are launched, to Dublin and Venice.

A decision is made as to the selection of a new long-haul aircraft; the Boeing 787 Dreamliner will begin to fly under the LOT colours in October 2008. The company will be the first airline in Europe to take delivery of the plane. On April 16th 2007, the company launches a campaign advertising domestic flights in its ATRs, now furnished with more comfortable seats. 7th May sees the launch of LOT's Katowice-Turin and Warsaw Stuttgart routes. On 3rd June, they are followed by the Rzeszów-New York route. 7th September sees the roll-out of Boeing's newest plane, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The ceremony takes place in Seattle, with the participation of representatives of LOT Polish Airlines. In 2008, a contract is signed for the purchase of twelve Embraer EMB 175s, with staggered delivery scheduled to take place between 2009 and 2012. On 30th March, LOT reinstates direct flights from Warsaw to Beijing.
On 8th May 2009, after an interval of 15 years, the Warsaw-Belgrade route is relaunched.
On 4th June, a golden Boeing 737-400 carries a group of one hundred and sixty ‘golden' passengers to Brussels as part of the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism. During 2010, it's a perdio of expansion for LOT with many new routes being launched as well as many others being re-introduced. In 2011, on 24 June, LOT presents the world's most modern passenger airplane – Boeing 787 Dreamliner, joining the fleet.
During 2012, LOT said goodbye to the last Boeing 767 in the fleet. On the 1st June 2013, the world's most modern airplane in the colors of LOT took off from Warsaw airport to New York. The sixth Dreamliner, lands for the first time in Warsaw in 2014.
Througout 2016, LOT expands it's routes and makes Warsaw an internatuonal transit hub for flights to America and Asia.  New destinations are to Barcelona, Zurich, Zagreb, Dusseldorf, Chisinau, Belgrade and Yerevan.
Also the first LOT's plane flying from Warsaw lands in Tokio.

Operations: Lot Polish Airlines operates from Warsaw and Krakow as its main bases. it flies to all major cities in Poland with it's subsidiary Euro-lot. Also some smaller routes are flown by this partner airline like regional European routes. It flies to most European Cities and to Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkan countries. It flies as far as Tel-Aviv and Tbilisi to the east of Europe. In Asia it currently flies to Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul. 
In America it flies to Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Chicago.  
Fleet: LOT currently has a fleet of Boeing 787-800 for it's long haul operations. In Europe it uses Embraer E175, E170 and E195 and Boeing 737-400 for trunk routes. You could also fly on the fleet of it's subsidary airline Euro-lot if you are going Domestic or to regional destinations by De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400.

Personal Review:

 Full service airline, including meals and luggage (except for short-haul routes) Prices are less competitive than other airlines on same routes.
 Free online check-in and seat selection Limited route network out of Europe
 Member of the Star Alliance for millage redemption.Ageing aircraft still being used as the Boeing 737-400. 
 Good connecting flight times for eastern Europe and Asia
 Professional service on-board

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