Essential Country Information:



🌎Capital: Vilnius

🌎Currency: Euro €

🌎Time Zone: +2 GMT

🌎Phone Code: +37

🌎Best time to visit: April-October

🌎Must eat: šaltibarščiai, kibinai

🌎Must drink: Gira.

🌎Don't miss: A walk to Gediminas Castle by dusk

 Getting there and transportation:

There are 3 major airports to fly to from major European cities, Vilnius (VNO) Kaunas (KUN) and Palanga (PLQ), the last one being used more in the summer months to access the popular summer resorts of Klaipeda and Palanga.
Alternatively busses are very popular and you will find plenty of departure times at very cheap prices. Be advised they don't offer toilet facilities on board for domestic routes and often lack of a proper working air conditioning system.However international busses are modern, with Wifi, toilets and very comfortable. You can get to Lithuania by Bus from other European cities such as Riga, Warsaw, Berlin, Tallinn, Moscow or Minsk. Time from Warsaw is 8 hours and Riga 4 hours for example. More info can be found at Luxexpress.

Transportation within Lithuania offers very reasonable options within cities and inter city connections. There is no domestic air network so going by train, bus and car is the most popular way. Trains are modern and offer air conditioning and luggage storage facility but the disadvantage is that they don't run very often, nevertheless the national company goes to several cities across the country as well as linking several international cities, specially in Russia and Belarus. For more info please visit  Lithuanian Rail.

Lithuanian Railway
Lithuanian Railway

 Climate and temperature:

Lithuania has a wide range of temperatures from hot summer's to freezing winter's so depending when you go, you need to dress up accordingly. Best times to travel are April to September. Average temperatures can range from 20 to 30C. 
Lithuania has a very heavy amount of rainfall and although the other months from October to March can also be nice to visit with less tourists it means it can be pretty wet. Taking an umbrella is a good tip! It's one of those countries were weather is very unpredictable and changes within minutes! Winter is very beautiful time of year to visit with heavy snow on the streets and parks covering everything in a magic white coat. Temperatures can go down to -15C!

 Food and drink:

Lithuania has a very interesting and colourful cuisine, with healthy options on the table, including soups, meat, fish and pastries. The most popular dishes which you can find in major restaurants and food shops are: šaltibarščiai, a cold Beet-root soup served with baked potatoes ; Cepelinai,made from potatoes dumplings with pork meat fillings ; Black Rye Bread with cheese, traditional Lithuanian bread with melted cheese eaten as a starter ; Kibinai, traditional pastries filled with vegetables or meat served hot or cold.
As for drinks, the most drunken beverage is beer, having many Lithuanian local brands,also a traditional drink is Gira, a fermented beverage made from dark rye bread.

Šaltibarščiai is a traditional Lithuanian cold soup made from beetroot.
Bread & Cheese
Bread & Cheese

 Author's Comment:

Lithuania is now a country I visit many times after falling in love with Vilnius, it's capital, made many friends there and enjoy it every time I visit It's relaxed atmosphere, quiet streets and beautiful restored buildings. It's a city which stand out for me and every year I see how Vilnius grows and thrives with more businesses, tourism and residents choosing to make it their city of choice.
(More than 10 times visited since 2011)

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