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History: Delta can trace its origins back to 1924 when The Huff Daland Dusters crop-dusting operation, was founded in Macon, Ga. This was the first commercial agricultural flying company in existence.Soon the company had 18 planes,the largest privately owned fleet in the world. Operations ranged south to Florida, north to Arkansas, and west to California and Mexico. In 1927: Huff Daland extends dusting services to Peru. Operates the first international mail and passenger route on the west coast of South America (Lima to Paita and Talara) for Pan Am subsidiary Peruvian Airways in 1928. 
In 1928 the airline was renamed Delta Air Service for the Mississippi Delta region it served. With the 1930, passenger services begun, flying to Atlanta. The Company was renamed Delta Air Corporation.At the 1940's the Airline was known now as Delta Air Lines and incorporated Douglas DC-2 and DC-3 services.  Flight attendants, called "stewardesses," added to flight crews.In 1946 Delta starts regularly scheduled cargo services. The one-millionth passenger boards. First airline with nonstop Chicago-Miami flights. In 1953 an international expansion programme begins,  Chicago and Southern Air Lines merge brings Delta its first international routes (to the Caribbean and Caracas). 
In 1955 Delta wins the prestigious Atlanta to New York route.In 1959 Delta is first airline to launch Douglas DC-8 jet service. The red, white, and blue triangle "widget" becomes Delta's logo resembling the swept -wing appearance of a jet. In 1965 Delta becomes first airline to launch Douglas DC-9 service as introduces more and more jets into it's fleet. Fie years later the iconic Jumbo is also introduced into service. In 1972: Northeast Airlines merges with Delta. Delta becomes a major carrier in New York and Boston. In 1979: Delta celebrates its 50th year of service and begins flights to Frankfurt, West Germany.
In 1982 after Delta suffers financial losses, employees raise $30 million in payroll deductions to purchase the first Boeing 767. In 1984 Delta begins service to Hawaii. In 1987 Western Airlines merges with Delta; becomes the fourth largest U.S. carrier and fifth largest world carrier. Delta's first trans-Pacific service begins: Atlanta to Portland, Oregon, to Tokyo. In the 1990's Delta purchases substantially all of Pan Am's trans-Atlantic routes and the Pan Am Shuttle, making this the largest acquisition of flights in airline history. Delta becomes a global carrier. By 1995 Delta returns to profitability.Soon later it Begins expansion of U.S.-Latin America routes. Introduces a new aircraft livery. Delta purchases the Boeing 777.In 2000 Delta Launched the SkyTeam Alliance, partnering with AeroMexico, Air France and Korean Air. Introduces new aircraft livery and a contemporary "widget" logo. Launches Web site. 
In 2001 the U.S. airspace was closed for two days after terrorist attacks on Sept. 11th. Delta posts first financial loss in six years. In 2005: "Operation Clockwork" is the largest single-day schedule redesign in aviation history. Changes at Atlanta and Dallas/Ft. Worth restructure more than 51 percent of Delta’s network for better on-time departures, reduced airport congestion and free up aircraft for Delta's expanding route system.
On Sept. 14, Delta files for reorganisation under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. In November, Delta starts one of the largest one-month expansions in its history with service on seven new Latin American and Caribbean routes.Delta launches first service to southern Africa in 2006 with flights between Atlanta and Johannesburg via Dakar, Senegal.In 2007 the airline completes restructuring plan one year ahead of schedule, emerging from bankruptcy on April 30 and relisting on the New York Stock Exchange. Completion of Open Skies agreement between U.S. and European Union allows Delta to fly to London-Heathrow; service initiated from Atlanta and New York-JFK. 
In 2008: Delta acquires Northwest Airlines, creating a global airline with major operations in every region of the world. In 2009: Delta celebrates 80 years of passenger service. Announces expanded trans-Atlantic joint venture with Air France-KLM. Becomes the only U.S. airline to serve six continents with introduction of nonstop flights between Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. Completes integration of Northwest Airlines. 
After a whole year the brand of Northwest Airlines disappears to the history books and Delta becomes one of the "BIG 3" airlines in the USA and continues to improve it's services with better customer service, upgraded products for all it's classes of service, on board Wifi and orders for new Boeing and Airbus latest aircraft to remain competitive and at the front of the market as a global player which is here to stay for a long time.

Operations:  Delta's main hubs are located in the USA, with Atlanta being the HQ of the company. Airline passenger operation hubs are also located in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle and Boston. It also has hubs in Paris and Amsterdam thanks to the close cooperation between other Skyteam members. Finally it operates a hub at Tokyo Narita airport as well. 
Delta operates to all 6 continents of the planet and reaches most destinations through a one stop only via it's ginormous network. Most flights from Atlanta are non stop, flying to South America, Europe and Africa. In Seattle and Los Angeles it flies direct to Asia's most popular destinations and to Australia and the Pacific. 
Fleet:  The feet consists of an incredible repertoire of aircraft which have been joining the fleet of Delta as the airline got bigger and bigger by merging with other carriers. Currently it's ongoing a fleet modernisation programme and an homogenisation to a more standard type. Types used in domestic routes such as the MD-88, MD-90 and Boeing 717 are being replaced over the coming years and replaced with Boeing 737 new generation jets and Airbus family A-320. 
The most common type of aircraft to see with delta are the Boeing 737-800/900 and Airbus A319, A320 and A321 used on domestic and regional routes.For higher density routes and a few international destinations it uses the Boeing 757. Most international destinations and long haul routes are flown with Boeing 767, 777 and 747-400 and Airbus A330-200/300 aircraft. 

Personal Review:

 Member of the Skyteam Alliance.  Some aircraft are not updated with latest in-flight entertainment for long haul flights. 
 One of the biggest networks in America Using MD-80 aircraft still, which are due to be phased out in the coming years.
 Good offers and fares
 Good customer service both at the airports and in the air. 
 Online check-in and seat selection (free of charge)

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