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History: Czech Airlines, was founded as Czechoslovak State Airlines on the 6th of October 1923. The first transport flight from Prague to Bratislava took place on the 29th of October the same year. On that trip, pilot Karel Brabenec flew the distance of 321 km with an Aero A-14 (Brandenburg) bi-plane. Soon after in 1924, it connected Prague with Kosice and Brno and also with the West Bohemia spa area. 
It operated only domestic services until its first international flight from Prague to Bratislava and on to Zagreb in 1930. After the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia in 1939 with the country splitting up into three parts, the airline was terminated.In 1948, CSA suffered the embargo imposed by the West on the western-built aircraft spares etc., so gradually replaced much of the fleet with Soviet-built airliners. The venerable Ilyushin Il-14 was even updated and built under licence in Czechoslovakia as the Avia-14.
In 1950, CSA became the world's first victim of a mass hijacking. In 1957 CSA became the third of the world's airlines to fly jet services, taking delivery/putting in service the first Tupolev Tu-104A in 1957. CSA was the only airline other than Aeroflot to operate the Tu-104 which was the world's first successful jet airliner. The service operated by the Tu-104A from 1957 between Prague and Moscow was the first jet-only connection. The first transatlantic services started on 3 February 1962 with a flight to Havana, using a Bristol Britannia turboprop leased from Cubana de Aviación. 
From the late 1960s, CSA used a range of Soviet-built aircraft, and modifications of them, for its extensive European and intercontinental services which totalled some 50 international and 15 domestic destinations. The Britannia was replaced with long-range Ilyushin Il-18D turboprops at this time, and transatlantic routes were established to Montreal and New York City, besides Havana. After the breakup of the Czechoslovak Federation in 1991, the airline adopted its present name in May 1995. By the late 1990s, most of the Soviet aircraft were either sold on to other airlines or retired (a number were preserved), and replaced with Western ones such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A310, A320, and short-range ATR aircraft. CSA became a full member of the SkyTeam alliance on 18 October 2000.
As of March 2007 the airline was owned by the Czech Ministry of Finance, Czech Consolidation Agency and other Czech institutions. On 1 January 2010, the whole non-office ground staff of CSA was transferred to the subsidiary ČSA Support, now named Czech airlines handling s.r.o. In late 2012, CSA Czech Airlines announced plans for expansion and to resume long-haul flights from summer 2013 with Airbus A330 aircraft between Prague and Seoul.
Since March 2013, the company operates direct flights from Prague to many European cities.After the the completion of stock sales to Korean Air on 10 April 2013, CSA Czech airlines was owned by Czech Aeroholdings, a.s. (56%) and Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. (44%).
In April 2015 Travel Service Group bought 34% of the airline, over which Korean Air had an option. In 2016 the airline returned to profit for the first time in many years.
Operations:  Czech Airlines operated from it's main hub in Prague international airport, from there it flies to 111 destinations in 45 countries. Both domestic and international destinations. It's presence is mostly in Europe. It reaches as far as Seoul (it's only long haul flight), and Almaty. 
You can fly with Czech Airlines to Spain, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Armenia, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia.

Fleet: The aircraft consist entirely of Airbus planes and ATR Turboprops for regional flights. For it's European flights it uses mostly Airbus A319 and ATR42/72. For the long haul operation it uses the Airbus A330 with only one example. 

Personal Review:

 Reasonable fares Limited destination network (only one long haul flight)
 Good connecting flights and schedules for flights within Central Europe.  No flights to USA
 Member of Sky team for millage redemption.
 Luggage and snacks are included on all flights. 
 Free online check-in and seat selection

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