Getting there and transportation: Located in the South American Continent on the western side, Chile is one of the most varied countries on the planet with it's changing scenery from North to South which spreads at 4.300 km but at only 350 km in width. Therefore travelling around the country is always going to imply some air transportation due to the vast mountain terrain as Chile is dominated by the Andes range.

Travelling to Chile from Europe or America is easy when flying with legacy carries which offer direct routes from cities like Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, New York, Miami, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Flight times are long, due to the location of the country and flying to Santiago de Chile, the capital, you can expect a flight time of at least 10 hours.

The national airline is LATAM, which was former LAN Chile, before its merger with Brazilian airline, TAM. It has a strong presence in South America where it offers great connections across the whole continent, North America and even on to Europe.