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Cebu has many of the pristine beaches where to relax and swim!

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The island of Cebu lays south about one hour away from Manila by air. The island it the most popular resort in the Philippines for its pristine beautiful beaches,clear waters and scenery. A lot of new residential buildings complex are being built now to cope with the demand of the high number of tourists and foreigners who decide to have a holiday home in this island.
When arriving to Cebu, baggage collection is straight forward and you exit to the taxi stands where you can get to your Hotel. Pre-booking a taxi with your Hotel might be a good idea to avoid having local drivers trying to encourage you to hire them. Prices are on average 500-800 Php for a drive into the town on a set price car. However taxi meters should be cheaper about 300-500 Php.
  Once at the city, there is little public transportation available expect form the local Jeepneys.
What to see and do?  
The highlights of the city are the Basilica del Santo Niño, Fort San Pedro, Cebu Taoist Temple and the Cathedral Museum of Cebu.
Away from the cultural side, if you travel west of the island to Mactan, its where all the tourist Hotel resorts are located and the best beaches.
Cebu Day Tours 
Ask at the Hotel to organise a day trip in Cebu. There are multiple tours available, including the City of Cebu, the resorts or aquatic sports.
However if you want to plan your own itinerary you can also hire a driver with a car and they can drive you around, stopping at all popular places.
  In Cebu city centre you will find the cheapest hotels or Hostels. Hotels are reasonably priced and you can get individual rooms for under $20. If you stay in the resorts, Hotel Chains or close to the beach then the prices increase dramatically to $100 per night! 
Recommended Stay Duration:  
Cebu is a paradise Island and your main reason to come here would be to relax. Visiting and touring around is sufficient for a day or two. Staying anything from 2 to 4 nights is enough. 

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