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🌎Capital: Buenos Aires

🌎Currency: Peso Argentino ($) (ARS)

🌎Time Zone: -3 GMT

🌎Phone Code: +54

🌎Best time to visit: September-June

🌎Must Eat: Parrillada, Alfajores

🌎Must Drink: Mate, Fernet & Coke

🌎Don't miss: Having dinner at midnight whilst watching Tango!

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Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
 Santa CruzEl Calafate
 Tierra del FuegoUshuaia
Salta Salta
 Jujuy Jujuy
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Getting there and transportation:  
Arriving to Argentina is possible by many means of transport, the country has many airports spread across its mass land and depends where you go different transport options apply. The main gateway to the country is via its two main Airports, Ezeiza and Jorge Newbery. both located in the capital.
Ezeiza (EZE) serves most international traffic including long haul flights. Aerolineas Argentinas  is the flag carrier. You can fly direct to Buenos Aires from Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Atalanta, Houston, Auckland and many south American Destinations. As for Jorge Newbery (AEP), its used most for domestic traffic plus international South American destinations. For more info please visit the website for Argentinian Airports.
Alternatively you can get to Argentina by Ferry direct from Montevideo (Uruguay) taking about 2 hours to cross to Buenos Aires.
South America has not got a national train network and local people go by bus, from city to city and even crossing boarders. Inter-city busses are called Omnibus and they offer comfortable reclining seats and on board service is provided. Many now are including Wifi and fully air conditioned.
Times are long and tiring, however there is a lot of competition so make sure you compare all the sites before you buy a ticket.
Attention!: Don't expose personal belongings in the busses such as cameras, laptops, etc as it's been reported things go missing when busses make stops in-between the trips or even along the way with thiefs travelling on-board.

Climate and Temperature: 
In Argentina they have a continental climate which is characterised by the Southern Hemisphere, with often very hot Summers and cold rainy Winters. However, due to the length of the country being around 3.650 Km, the differences in climate, terrain and temperature from North to South are very noticable. Please check the individual city guides for more information about the climate in each area. Note that in Argentina their Summer's are between December to March, whilst Winter is from June to September. (like the rest of the southern Hemisphere). 
The best time to visit Argentina is generally Autumn and Spring, in the cities to do tourism and activities. The North is good to visit from March to October with more mild temperatures thus avoiding the heat during the Summer (December to March). If you are visiting in the South, all year round is good to go, taking note that the Winter can be harsh around June to September, with temperatures not more than 10C. 

Food and Drink:  
Most will associate Argentina with tasty food, highlighting specially meat pasta and pizza. However it, offers a wide selection of culinary types with Japanese, Thai and Asian-fusion food becoming very popular recently.
Wherever you are in the country, meat is the main dish, with a great array of carnivorous treats to taste. Restaurants offer great selection of meat dishes, cooked in many different ways (grilled, barbecued, smoked, fried.. ) accompanied with salad or fries. Around Buenos Aires city there are plenty of restaurants offering fresh meat, served daily and cooked to order. However prices vary a lot depending on place. Expensive restaurants in the centre and Puerto Madero don't necessarily mean you will get the best cut pieces and top flavour. It's advised to try more local restaurants away from the centre, for example Palermo and the neighbourhoods around it are good for authentic Argentine meat but for a much more reasonable price!
The traditional food you can find in Argentina is: The national dish is Parrillada  (mixed grill meats, from different cuts and type of meats) Morcilla (blood sausage). Choripan, (like a hotdog, but with red meat from chorizo) Bife de ancho  (Rib eye steak), Bife de chorizo (Sirloin steak), Bife de lomo:  Pork steak.
The most traditional snack, and a must take-away for visitors are the Alfajores, a traditional Argentine cookie,  they’re also commonly found in other Latin American countries with slight variations in the making and ingredients. 
Alfajores are soft, delicate cookies, made with a combination of cornstarch and flour. The cornstarch gives the dough a smooth, silky texture, and produces a tender, crumbly cookie.Creamy dulce de leche holds the cookies together.
(a caramelised milk sauce) Empanadas (Little pasties typically stuffed with meat, vegetable or cheese, and good in Jujuy and Salta in the northwest.of the country. Milanesa (Breaded veal or beefsteak, topped with cheese, ham or egg). Chimichurri (A sauce made from chopped parsley and oregano, garlic, olive oil and vinegar, served as a side dish with meat). Medialunas (Small, croissant-like pastries served for breakfast)
Vegetarians may struggle to find many options, particularly outside Buenos Aires, though fruits and salads are widely available. A strong Italian influence means quality coffee and ice cream is popular, and in Buenos Aires there are many Gelaterias  (ice cream shops). 
As for drinks, Argentina is very popular with wine and beer. Argentina produces some excellent wines. Try a light Pinot Noir from Patagonia, a silky red from Malbec and a white, the aromatic Torrontés. Another traditional drink, a must try for a visitor is Mate,  it's essentially green tea made from the Yerba mate  plant and drunk any time. Argentinians take flasks out to the streets and drink it as they walk, shop, work etc ,a true Argentine custom. Quilmes,  is  the national lager, very popular at every bar.
TIP: In Argentina, they dine very late, 9pm being still very early. But good restaurants get full quickly so going for dinner about after 10pm is advised or you might be waiting for a long time for a table. You can find restaurants open for dinning from 8pm till 1am.

Author's Comment: 

Argentina is a country which never stops surprising me for its vast size and the different contrasts you can find in its cities and countryside. It's people are just so friendly warm and loving, one of the key factors that make me go back over and over to this spectacular country with so much to offer!
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