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History:  The company was established as Air Europa in 1986. It started operating with scheduled domestic flights in 1991, breaking Iberia’s monopoly in Spain.In 1994 the Madrid-Barcelona route was established, challenging Iberia on one of its most profitable routes. One year after it acquired Boeing 767 and Boeing 737 to operate flights to New York and London respectively. In 1996 Air Europa operated more than 750 scheduled flights a week and established new routes to Paris, Varadero (Cuba), Salvador da Bahia (Brazil), Asturias, Bilbao and Vigo. In 1998 Air Europa formed part of the Globalia Corporación Empresarial group. And later incorportarted new Boeing 737 Next Generation. 
In 2003 it consolidated agreements with companies such as Aeropostal, Air France, Air Luxor, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, KLM, Malev, Southern Winds and Tunisair, and started direct flights to Quito, Guayaquil, Prague and Warsaw. In October 2005, the ground handling division, Globalia Handling, merged its various companies into a single commercial brand, Groundforce. In 2007 Air Europa started two new transatlantic routes to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. 
On 1st September the company officially joined the SkyTeam alliance. The next year the airline announced that it had reserved 8 Boeing 787 Next Generation aircraft which will be added to its fleet from 2012. In 2010 it established a non-stop route between Madrid and Lima and another between Madrid and Miami, which was added to the route that had begun operating in 2009 between Tenerife and Florida.  It also adds two A330-200s to its fleet .
In 2012 -Air Europa reports a record year with respect to new routes opened, not only in Europe (Brussels, Geneva), but also in Africa (Banjul, the capital of the Gambia) and the Americas (Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia). It also formalises the acquisition of the eight Boeing 787s to be added to its fleet as of 2016.  Following years the airline continues to expand and flies more rotations and new destinations to America, Africa and Europe and introduces a new plane to it's fleet in the form of the Embraer E190. 
In 2015 the airline announces that it is placing a new order with Boeing for fourteen 787-9 Dreamliners in addition to the eight B787s already acquired by the company.  Flights begin between Madrid and Tel Aviv and Madrid and Asunción and the company starts its daily service to Miami using a Boeing 787. 
Air Europa initiates its modernisation plan and presents its new image. The company reaches new code-share agreements with Korean Air, Avianca Brazil, Seaborne and Air Serbia. Now a days, It continues to fly a modern young Boeing fleet and maintain it's presence as Spain second largest carrier and a good competitor to the monopoly which Iberia held on the South American routes for decades. It offers both schedule and charter routes with a good eye on expansion. 

Operations:  Air Europa's most important presence is found in Madrid, Barcelona, Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands where they operate domestic flights around the country. Madrid predominantly is the hub city and from there fly to many major European capitals. However it's South America where Air Europa has a stronger international market share and flies to many South American destinations (Buenos Aires, Sau Paulo, Asuncion, Montevideo, Lima, Bogota etc...). It also flies to Banjul in Africa and to a couple of north American destinations. In addition flights to the Caribbean are popular as well from Spain. 

Fleet: The airline's fleet comprises entirely of Boeing aircraft with the exception of the Embraer E190 which is used on domestic routes and thinner European routes. Boeing 737-800 are used on other European routes, domestic and island rotations whilst the bigger Boeing 787 and Airbus A330 to America. 

Personal Review:

 Good prices and competitive fares to South America. Post departure, customer service not very efficient. 
 Luggage inclusive in the fare. In flight service 3/5
 Modern fleet, specially long haul with Boeing 787-800
 Good punctuality record
 Member of the Sky Team Alliance for millage redemption.

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